January 23, 2019

DeVos-Backed Deal Would Allow Secretive Non-Profit to Enrich Related For-Profit

The mysterious non-profit foundation that has, with the blessing of Betsy DeVos’s Department of Education, just acquired many of the former EDMC career education schools, is tied to the for-profit company that is slated to provide contract services to those same taxpayer-supported schools; both, Republic Report has learned, are connected to a Wall Street investment
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January 16, 2019

DeVos Department Bars State Attorneys General From Key Panel

The Betsy DeVos Department of Education acted Wednesday morning to block a representative of state attorneys general from serving on a panel charged with negotiating wide-ranging new rules governing higher education. Although consumer advocates have shown that the new regulations would create opportunities for bad actors to engage in more waste, fraud, and abuse at
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January 15, 2019

Brent Richardson Resigns As DCEH CEO

Brent Richardson has resigned as CEO of Dream Center Education Holdings after a tumultuous year since the non-profit took over three chains of career education schools — the Art Institutes, Argosy University, and South University — formerly owned by for-profit EDMC. A person close to DCEH management confirmed the resignation. Under Richardson, the former CEO
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January 14, 2019

Dream Center Schools Announce DeVos-Blessed Restructuring

Late today, Dream Center Education Holdings announced it would restructure its three chains of career colleges, which have been in a state of upheaval — with campus closures, layoffs, accreditor woes, and false statements to students — through the entire year that the new non-profit DCEH has operated the former EDMC for-profit schools.  In an email
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January 11, 2019

Turmoil at Dream Center Colleges Spills Open With Seattle “At-Risk” Designation

The financial and organizational turmoil at Dream Center Education Holdings (DCEH), reported to me by multiple staff in recent weeks, has spilled into the open with, at least, a new letter from the Washington state higher education oversight body. In a letter sent Thursday to the campus director of DCEH’s Art Institute of Seattle (Ai
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January 6, 2019

Troubled College Operator Drops Lawsuit Against DeVos. Why?

The Center for Excellence in Higher Education, operator of a chain of colleges repeatedly caught deceiving and short-changing students, has quietly dismissed its lawsuit against the Department of Education, a case aimed at reversing the Obama administration’s 2016 rejection of the company’s bid to be treated as a non-profit institution. It’s unclear from the court
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January 3, 2019

Career Education Corp., Tied to DeVos Aides, Pays Millions to Settle State Claims of Illegal Practices

For-profit college chain Career Education Corp., a company closely tied to top officials of the Betsy DeVos Department of Education, announced today it has settled with the attorneys general of 48 states and the District of Columbia a law enforcement investigation that the state AGs have been pursuing since 2014, focusing on CEC’s abusive and
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