April 30, 2017

Southern Company CEO and Edison Electric Institute Chairman Tom Fanning’s Climate Change Denial

In the month since Tom Fanning, the CEO of Southern Company and current chairman of the Edison Electric Institute, said that carbon dioxide was not a primary contributor to global warming, no other utility leaders have disputed or criticized his remarks, despite the industry’s self-proclaimed commitment to climate action. “Do you think it’s been proven
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April 27, 2017

Do Indiana Taxpayers Want To Buy This For-Profit College?

Graham Holdings Co. announced this morning in a filing with the SEC that it plans to sell its for-profit Kaplan University to a new non-profit public-benefit corporation called New University that is affiliated with Indiana’s Purdue University, a state institution. Purdue confirmed the deal in a press release quoting its president, Mitch Daniels, the former
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April 26, 2017

Maryland Governor Candidate Backed Predatory Colleges

Alec Ross today announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for governor of Maryland. On his new campaign website, Ross includes a bio that cites impressive and admirable accomplishments — former Baltimore City middle school teacher, Obama 2008 campaign staffer, Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, author, Senior Fellow at Johns
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April 20, 2017

Earth Day 2017: The New EPA and the Looming Climate Apocalypse

This is a guest post by Dick Russell, author of a new book, coming out next week: Horsemen of the Apocalypse: The Men Who Are Destroying Life On Earth – And What It Means To Our Children, edited and with an Introduction by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.   Closing in on half-a-century since the first Earth
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April 17, 2017

Chemical Security: Protecting Syrians, But Leaving Americans Exposed

  This piece was written by Lieutenant General Russel L. Honoré, US Army (Ret), the former commander of Joint Task Force Katrina, and founder of the GreenARMY; Major General Randy Manner, US Army (Ret), a former acting director of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency; and David Halperin, a lawyer and former staff member of the National
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April 11, 2017

Nursing Students Cry Foul At Schools’ New Testing Rules

In nursing schools across the country, students are complaining that administrators have suddenly sprung on them new requirements that they pass comprehensive tests before they can graduate. Some of these students charge that their school has added these new test requirements mid-course to weed out students who might be in danger of flunking the national
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April 10, 2017

Corruption In Action: Koch Brothers Position Themselves for Mar-a-Lago Chat with Trump

Politico reports that on Saturday night Donald Trump had “a friendly chat” at his Mar-a-Lago resort with conservative mega-donor David Koch and his brother William Koch, both heirs to the giant Koch Industries chemical and fossil fuel conglomerate. It seems the Koch boys just happened to be having dinner at Trump’s club with conservative publisher
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