March 21, 2012

Rep. Kildee Agrees With Republic Report, Says Retiring Lawmakers Should Disclose Job Negotiations With Lobbyists

Last week, Republic Report sent a letter to 35 retiring Members of Congress asking them to reject backdoor bribery and publicly disclose negotiations they’re having with lobbyists and others for jobs after they leave office. Current disclosure laws are full of loopholes, leaving constituents in the dark about these negotiations. We’re outraged that Members of Congress are
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March 15, 2012

Why We’re Asking Congress To Take a Stronger Stand vs. K St Corruption

Today, Republic Report announced that we are asking all 34 retiring members of Congress to make a simple, common sense commitment: “I will disclose any negotiations or offers for jobs on the front page of my congressional website.”  This afternoon we are delivering letters to all 34 congressional offices seeking this commitment. We want you
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March 5, 2012

GRAPH: Most Employed Former Members Of Congress Who Left In 2010 Work In Lobbying

One of the many ways Big Money runs Washington is by enlisting former legislators to become lobbyists. These former lawmakers have a high level of access that affords their clients expansive influence. The Center for Responsive Politics and Remapping Debate have teamed up on a joint project to identify the new jobs of members of Congress
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February 23, 2012

Is the Revolving Door Big Enough?: 400 Former House Staffers Registered to Lobby in Past 2 Years

Where Former House Staff Go

What happens when you leave your job on the Hill? You’re welcomed with open arms on K Street. At least, that was the case for nearly 400 former House staffers who left Congress to register as lobbyists from 2009 to 2011, according to a new Sunlight Foundation study. Sunlight’s Leo Drutman writes: More than two
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February 23, 2012

Republican Bill Posey Introduces Bill To Ban Members Of Congress From Lobbying For Five Years

One of the ways that Big Money works to take control of the country’s political system is by enlisting former legislators to become lobbyists. These lobbyists, having passed through the “revolving door,” have wide access to their former colleagues in addition to the financial resources that lobbying firms command. While there are some laws regulating
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February 21, 2012

Did The Obama Administration Funnel Federal Dollars To Lawmakers To ‘Buy’ Votes On Legislation?

Did The Obama Administration Funnel Federal Dollars To Lawmakers To 'Buy' Votes On Legislation?

This morning the Heritage Foundation’s investigative reporters, Rob Bluey and Lachlan Markay, published an interesting article alleging that the Obama administration allocated federal dollars in a way so as to “buy” the votes of Congressional legislators on certain key pieces of legislation. The authors focus on the discretionary budgets of various federal agencies, which can
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February 17, 2012

ABRAMOFF: Deploying the Grassroots Army to Battle Laws You Don’t Like

Capitol building

I believe President Obama’s proposed tax hikes — including the massive “bank tax” — are a prescription for economic calamity. But I do understand that the “tax the rich” frenzy finds resonance with many Americans. Throughout history, banks — and bankers, in particular — have been identified with the worst elements of societal greed. They
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February 16, 2012

$696,000 Sellout: Industry Group Showered Congress With Donations, Won Their Votes On Job-Killing Trade Deal

Last year, Congress passed three trade deals with foreign countries — South Korea, Panama, and Colombia. Although these deals were referred to in mainstream political debate as “free trade” agreements, the truth is that all three agreements protected certain industries over others rather than completely drop trade barriers.  The agreements, like past free trade pacts, also
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