March 21, 2012

Rep. Kildee Agrees With Republic Report, Says Retiring Lawmakers Should Disclose Job Negotiations With Lobbyists

Last week, Republic Report sent a letter to 35 retiring Members of Congress asking them to reject backdoor bribery and publicly disclose negotiations they’re having with lobbyists and others for jobs after they leave office. Current disclosure laws are full of loopholes, leaving constituents in the dark about these negotiations. We’re outraged that Members of Congress are getting 1,452% raises to sell out their constituents and become lobbyists for special interests like health insurers, the drug industry, or big banks.

On Monday, we asked Rep. Dale Kildee (D-MI) how he plans to respond to our letter. He went beyond disclosing that he plans to possibly return to teaching (he is a former teacher) after he leaves Congress, he told us that it should actually be law that Members of Congress should have to publicly disclose job negotiations while they are in office:

FANG: So we’re wondering if the retiring class of which you’re a member would sign a pledge to reveal to the public on their congressional website, just show who they’re negotiating with for a future job. You’re going into teaching, that’s great. But you know some folks would like to go to Patton Boggs or some K Street firm. So we’re just asking folks if they’re interested in that kind of disclosure.

KILDEE: You come and ask me or any reporter comes and asks me I’ll tell em. But I think it’d be a good thing that should be required by law.

Watch it:

There are still 34 retiring Members of Congress who have yet to respond to our request that they disclose their negotiations with future employers. Help us pressure these lawmakers by signing onto our petition here.

Kildee’s remarks demonstrate the first victory for our campaign. In the coming days and weeks, we will post the video of more reactions by retiring lawmakers.