June 29, 2020

DeVos Tries Everything to Force Deceived Students to Repay Loans

Betsy DeVos’s four-year immoral crusade to harm American education has included a thoroughly corrupt effort to protect predatory for-profit colleges and force students who were scammed by these schools to pay back their student loans anyway. Advocates for veterans, single mothers, immigrants, and others ripped off by for-profit colleges have been determined to fight back.
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June 28, 2020

Lunch at the White House with Judd Deere and Hogan Gidley

White House press office, some Tuesday. Deputy press secretaries Hogan Gidley and Judd Deere chat while enjoying lunch at their desks.* Judd: President Trump spoke to millions of Americans on television from the Lincoln Memorial, one of the most iconic and unifying symbols in the world, with a message of hope and optimism about the
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June 19, 2020

John Roberts May Save Our Democracy from Trump

Since November 2016, I have expressed concern that Donald Trump, if he loses re-election, will claim the ballot was rigged and refuse to leave. My worries escalated in February 2019 when lawyer Michael Cohen, who worked closely with Trump for years, explained that the very reason he agreed to testify to Congress was to warn
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June 15, 2020

As Perdoceo Fights VA Suspension, Employees Say Recruiting Abuses Persist

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs must decide in the coming weeks or months whether to stand by its determinations to throw five universities out of the G.I. Bill program for deceptive advertising or recruiting practices, or instead to reverse one or more of those actions and allow student veterans to keep enrolling in those
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June 6, 2020

Where Did the Daily White House Coronavirus Briefing Go?

Watching Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York deliver his daily fact-, science-, people-driven coronavirus briefing today, I was thinking: Where did the daily White House coronavirus task force briefing go?  Has the pandemic ended? Not by a long shot. About 10,000 of the 110,000 U.S. deaths occurred in the past ten days. In some states,
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June 4, 2020

A Racist White Supresident, Still Supported By a Majority of White Americans

Just before election day in 2016, I came across a video on social media that showed a confrontation in a parking lot between a black man and a white man. Though neither was yielding, the white man was angry and aggressive, while the black man remained measured and calm. Before using the n-word on camera,
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June 3, 2020

A Presidential Poem

I was rushed to the bunker for an inspection. I was rushed to the hospital for a physical. I don’t know who marked Alabama on the map. I wouldn’t want to get into my favorite Bible verse because to me that’s very personal. I alone can fix it.

June 1, 2020

The Most Vile, Corrupt, Incompetent President in U.S. History

Monday morning, United States President Donald J. Trump, abruptly taking over a conference call scheduled between U.S. governors and Vice President Mike Pence, demanded that states accept the deployment of military troops in the face of nationwide protests over the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. Trump demeaned the governors. “Most of
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