March 24, 2015

Lawyer Suing Neighbor for Smoking Is Defender Of Corporations Accused Of Toxic Smoke


There’s been recent media coverage of how two Washington DC lawyers named Brendan and Nessa Coppinger have sued and convinced a local judge to issue a temporary restraining order prohibiting their neighbor, Edwin Gray, from smoking in his Capitol Hill row house, which adjoins theirs. Gray has lived in his home for 51 years; the
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March 23, 2015

Leaders Tell Obama: Time Running Out On Preventing Chemical Disasters


Late last week, hundreds of organizations and people sent a letter to President Obama warning that his administration is running of time to act on an issue long-identified by the President as essential to our national security and public safety: protecting our people from the dangers of accidents or deliberate attacks at U.S. chemical plants.
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March 12, 2015

VIDEO – Durbin: Corinthian Buyer ECMC Is Breaking Its Promises

In a floor speech today, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) said he was “troubled” that ECMC, the debt collection company that has acquired more than 50 campuses of collapsing for-profit college chain Corinthian, is “already, just weeks into owning and operating these schools, failing to live up to the promises they made to the students and to me.”
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March 12, 2015

What Law Students — and Everyone — Should Know About For-Profit Colleges


This article originally appeared in the Harvard Law Record, a student-run publication. It also appears on Huffington Post.  I’m a Washington DC lawyer and policy advocate, and I spend a couple days a week trying to expose and end the abuses of a particularly bad industry: predatory for-profit colleges. I am regularly contacted by industry
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