July 16, 2012

LINKS: Expose The Fat Cats

Money in politics cat

iWatch: Vote set for quixotic bill that would reveal attack ad funders A bill designed to reveal the donors behind anonymously funded political attack ads is scheduled to hit the floor of the Senate Monday — however, the legislation has virtually no chance of passing, and even if it did pass, it still wouldn’t go
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July 13, 2012

LINKS: “This Is The End Of Accountability In Elections”

Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Campaign Fundraisers: You’re Cordially Excluded There are many aspects of our money-soaked political culture to worry about. One that we seem to be getting awfully comfortable with is the off-the-record fundraiser, which consumes an increasing amount of presidential candidates’ time and energy. Raising money under a cloak of silence suggests that candidates have one
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July 12, 2012

LINKS: Do We Need Dodd-Frank? That’s A Clown Question, Bro

Washington Post: Money gap may not matter so much in November Obama probably will be similarly outspent in the end, but given the near-parity in bank accounts on both sides, it won’t make much difference. “Nobody’s going to win or lose this election on the basis of not having enough money,” said Bob Biersack, a
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July 11, 2012

LINKS: Corruption Is Up In The United States

New York Times:  The Spreading Scourge of Corporate Corruption The misconduct of the financial industry no longer surprises most Americans. Only about one in five has much trust in banks, according to Gallup polls, about half the level in 2007. And it’s not just banks that are frowned upon. Trust in big business overall is declining.
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