January 24, 2018

DeVos May Allow Troubling Conversion of Predatory College Chain

Politico reports this morning that Trump Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos may be ready to reverse the Obama Administration’s 2016 decision to reject the application of the predatory CollegeAmerica/Stevens-Henager chain to be treated as a non-profit school for purposes of Department regulation. That would be good for the chain’s wealthy operator, Carl Barney, but, as with
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September 29, 2017

Troubles Compound for Predatory CollegeAmerica Chain

In August 2016, the Obama administration delivered a powerful blow to the CollegeAmerica/ Stevens-Henager chain of career colleges. The chain, previously a for-profit company, sold itself in 2012 to a small non-profit organization called the Center for Excellence in Higher Education and sought Department of Education approval to be freed of the federal rules that apply
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October 6, 2015

Report Exposes For-Profit College Abuses in Converting to Non-Profits


An investigative report released this morning documents how some for-profit college owners have converted their companies into non-profit schools in a way that allows them to evade the regulatory obligations and deservedly bad reputation of for-profits while continuing to reap enormous financial benefits.  These operators have done so, the report finds, by subverting the rules governing non-profit schools, while the
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