April 30, 2012

Beyond Wal-Mart: Five Other Corporations That Bribed Officials Then Lobbied Against Anti-Bribery Laws

Imagine if the next time you were caught speeding, you decided to finance an elaborate lobbying operation to change the speed limit and weaken laws against driving too fast on public roads. You probably find that to be a silly hypothetical, but for some big corporations it’s standard operating procedure. All eyes are on Wal-Mart
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March 15, 2012

Why We’re Asking Congress To Take a Stronger Stand vs. K St Corruption

Today, Republic Report announced that we are asking all 34 retiring members of Congress to make a simple, common sense commitment: “I will disclose any negotiations or offers for jobs on the front page of my congressional website.”  This afternoon we are delivering letters to all 34 congressional offices seeking this commitment. We want you
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February 14, 2012

Casino Lobbyist Says Alabama State Senator Wanted $100,000 For His Vote

A major re-trial is underway in the state of Alabama, as federal prosecutors are probing bribes made to several Alabama legislators over their positions on electronic bingo casinos. Country Crossing lobbyist Jennifer Pouncy recently pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges in 2010 and is now testifying against a number of state senators in an attempt to get
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