April 5, 2015

Student Debt Strike? Read This Texas Mom’s Powerful Words


The 100-plus former students of for-profit Corinthian Colleges who have boldly asserted that they won’t pay back their student loans have garnered widespread attention and provided a powerful jolt to the debates about predatory colleges and our nation’s mounting student debt. A measure of the students’ impact is the meeting they were able to obtain last
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September 3, 2013

Gallery: Fun Fueled By For-Profit College Fraud


The images above depict a life of glitzy charity events and socializing with the rich and famous. It’s the life of  Arthur E. Benjamin of Delray Beach, FL, and Dallas, TX. According to his website, Arthur Benjamin is an “Internationally Recognized Educator, Corporate Leader, Philanthropist and Animal Rights Activist.”  He “has been dedicating himself to
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