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August 7, 2012

Political Advertisements Advance The Media’s Profits

Industry analysts are predicting that upwards of $3 billion will be spent on political advertisements in the 2012 election. This is an increase of more than $500 million from 2008. But who will benefit the most from this cash infusion? Not President Obama. Not even Mitt Romney. Rather, the National Association of Broadcasters, a lobbying group
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August 7, 2012

LINKS: Who Are Super PACs Helping The Most?

Politico: Myth of the Small Donor Roughly 2.5 million people have kicked in $200 or less to the various committees helping their candidate win the White House. But those 2.5 million people account for less than 18 percent of the total money haul. NY Times: Romney Team Outpaces Obama in Fund-Raising Again The fund-raising machine behind Mitt
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August 3, 2012


The Detroit News: House Democrats Seek to Overturn Supreme Court Super PAC Rule A group of House Democrats led by Rep. John Dingell introduced legislation Thursday seeking to overturn a Supreme Court decision that allows corporations and wealthy individuals to make unlimited donations to political action committees. Politico: Congress Scrambles to Delay Ethics Law Congress
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August 2, 2012

‘Persistence Matters, Public Engagement Matters’: House Democrats Dare To Reform Campaign Finance System

Yesterday, House Democrats held a press conference outside of the capitol building along with Public Campaign, a campaign finance reform group. Their goal was to issue a D.A.R.E to Congressional Republicans encouraging them to act on campaign finance reform. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Rep. James Clyburn, and Rep. Chris Van Hollen
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August 1, 2012

LINKS: Why Didn’t Romney Just Go To Vegas?

Politico: Romney, GOP High-Rollers to Meet in Aspen Romney plans to join mega-donors in town for a retreat hosted by the RGA’s so-called Executive Roundtable program, which will draw some of the biggest names in GOP politics, including several high-powered governors, a top adviser to Romney, Karl Rove, and other representatives of deep-pocketed political spenders,
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July 30, 2012

LINKS: FEC Says It Will Enforce New Disclosure Rules For Nonprofits

Huff Post: ‘Dark Money’ Hits $172 Million in 2012 Election, Half of Independent Group Spending Through July 26, politically involved groups that do not disclose their donors have spent at least $172 million on campaigns that include television, radio and Internet advertising, according to a Huffington Post review of FEC reports, advertising buys, press releases
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July 27, 2012

LINKS: Nancy Pelosi Calls For Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Citizens United

Huff Post: Nancy Pelosi Escalates Call For Constitutional Amendment Speaking at the Campus Progress national conference, the top House Democrat called for “citizen-funded elections” rooted in low-dollar contributions. She told members of the progressive advocacy organization that independent groups obscure political dialogue. Bloomberg: How to Break NRA’s Grip on Politics Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican
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July 24, 2012

LINKS — Lawyers Are Making Money Off Of The Campaign Finance System

Bloomberg: Lawyers Raking In Cash As Campaign Spending Hits Records Every four years, a new mix of politicians assembles to compete for the opportunity to run for president. While the candidates’ names and faces change, the lawyers stay the same. Mother Jones: Meet the Front Group Leading the Fight Against Taxing the Rich Often cited
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