December 30, 2018

Say It With Me: Donald Trump is Weak

One evening when I was in high school, a friend’s hard-edged, Republican mother revealed to me her preference for the 1980 GOP candidate to challenge a president, Jimmy Carter, who was struggling with the economy, energy policy, and the hostage-taking in Iran. “I like Connally,” she said, referencing former Texas governor and Nixon Treasury secretary
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December 18, 2018

If We Took Corporate Crime Seriously, Trump Would Never Have Been Elected

The news today that the Donald J. Trump Foundation has agreed to shut down, in the face of allegations by New York’s attorney general of “a shocking pattern of illegality,” is only the latest indication that, before he entered the White House, before Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, and before the recent criminal convictions
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December 11, 2018

Accreditor Withdraws Approval of For-Profit College Tied to Romney

  The college accrediting agency ACCSC has revoked the accreditation of Vatterott College, based in Berkeley, Missouri. By letter dated December 5, ACCSC found that Vatterott had failed to make required improvements, including as to graduation rates and job placement success. UPDATE 12-17-18 6:00 pm: Vatterott College abruptly shut down its operations nationwide this afternoon,
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December 7, 2018

Students Sue Dream Center Over False Claim That School Was Accredited

With Dream Center Education Holdings (DCEH) staff members reporting signs that their non-profit operation may be on the verge of declaring bankruptcy or entering receivership, and perhaps that CEO Brent Richardson is moving on, a group of students from DCEH’s Illinois Institute of Art have just sued over the school’s false public statements that it
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December 5, 2018

DeVos’s Absurd Attack On For-Profit College’s Sudden Shutdown

For-profit Education Corporation of America (ECA) announced today that it is shutting down nearly all of its campuses, leaving students out in the cold. The DeVos Department of Education harshly criticized the move. But that DeVos attack is itself travesty, because every step Betsy DeVos has taken as secretary has helped ensure more fiascos like
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November 26, 2018

While You Were Eating: DeVos’s Holiday Embrace of Predatory Colleges

In a Thanksgiving eve disgrace, Trump Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos reinstated ACICS, the discredited college accreditor that ignored blatant abuses of students by predatory for-profit schools like ITT, Corinthian, Kaplan, the Art Institutes, and many more, thus allowing billions in taxpayer dollars to flow to scam artists over decades. The Obama Administration, after a lengthy review, ended federal recognition
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November 22, 2018

Trump Terrible 10: What the Actual FFFF Edition

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you and yours have a beautiful day. This week, I firmly resolved in my mind, because of other urgent priorities, and in the spirit of love, to stop writing this negative feature. But also this week, OMFG. OMFG. Next week, maybe I will and maybe I won’t! That being said, since
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November 20, 2018

Scam Websites Tried to Trick Military Recruits Into Entering For-Profit Colleges

We reported in September on a Federal Trade Commission action to shut down a chain of scam websites aimed at attracting people who wanted to join the U.S. military. Sites operating at domains including,, and seemed like official military portals, but their real aim was to steer visitors to high-priced, low-quality for-profit
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