July 10, 2012

Political Corruption Enhances the Influence of the One Percent

The Atlantic: Big Campaign Spending: Government by the 1%
Here’s what we must come to see: America has lost the capacity to govern. On a wide range of critical issues — from global warming to tax reform, from effective financial regulation to real health-care change, from the deficit to defense spending — we have lost the capacity to do anything other than suffer through a miserable status quo. If there is a ship of state, its rudder has been lost. We are drifting. We can’t change course. And eventually, and with absolute certainty, in waters such as these, a drifting …

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July 9, 2012
Mitt Romney Koch fundraiser

Lunchtime Money in Politics Links: July 8, 2012

The Washington Post: Romney outraised Obama in June, $106 million to $71 million
(Important to note that these totals don’t include funds raised and spent by outside groups like super PACs!)

New York Times: Democrats to Ask for Curbs on Donor-Shielding Groups
The Democratic Party’s Senate campaign arm will file a formal complaint on Monday with the Federal Election Commission against three of the Republicans’ biggest campaign groups, accusing them of willful violations of federal election law and asking that their electioneering be stopped.

New York Times: Tax-Exempt Groups Shield Political Gifts of Businesses
The secrecy shrouding these …

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