March 16, 2012

VIDEO: Superlobbyist Trent Lott Fumbles To Explain Why He’s Shilling For Scam Schools

Two weeks ago, America’s subprime schools — the for-profit college industry, many of whose members rip students off and demand that Uncle Sam pick up the tab for their shoddy education — held a conference in Washington, D.C. We were there. The association for these schools, America’s Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU), brought in elite
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March 12, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Gathering Of Subprime School Officials Blames Students For Student Debt

In recent years, the for-profit college industry — which runs veritable “subprime schools” which get billions of dollars from Uncle Sam and then deliver low-quality education while loading students up with debt  — has come under increasing scrutiny. As a result, it has ramped up its lobbying operations in Washington, D.C. Earlier this week, I
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