June 22, 2012

Obama Campaign Attacks Romney’s Bain Outsourcing – But Support For Outsourcing Is Bipartisan Corruption

The Obama campaign just released a campaign commercial talking about how Mitt Romney, while working at Bain Capital, oversaw the outsourcing of Americans jobs to China and Mexico. The ad calls Romney a “corporate raider” for his role at Bain (watch it to the left). The media has picked up the Obama campaign’s attack on
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February 29, 2012

Big Tobacco-Sponsored Conference U.S. Governors Attended Becomes Scandal In Australia And New Zealand

Last week, Republic Report noted that six governors from both political parties attended a secretive trade talks conference in Washington, D.C. sponsored by a number of multi-national corporations, including Philip Morris International. These governors apparently were comfortable with allowing themselves to be wined and dined by some of the world’s most powerful corporate entities while
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