November 4, 2020

DeVos Department Has Ended Federal Aid to Troubled For-Profit College Chain

Betsy DeVos’s four-year effort to do the bidding of predatory for-profit colleges and trash rules to hold them accountable has had mixed results. Some awful schools seem to be thriving, while others have continued to collapse under the weight of their own bad behavior.  The next casualty may be an East Coast operation — including
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February 21, 2014

Whistleblower Lawsuit Versus Harris For-Profit College is Tip of the Iceberg


A front-page New York Times article on Thursday reported on a lawsuit brought by former employees of the for-profit Harris School of Business alleging fraud at the school. The suit, filed under the federal whistleblower law, asserts that Harris regularly misleads students about the value of its programs, and signs up even students who have little
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