November 7, 2014

Entitled For-Profit Colleges File Meritless Suit to Block Obama Rule


On Thursday, November 6, the national trade association of for-profit colleges, APSCU, sued the Obama Administration in federal court in Washington DC to strike down the new 2014 “gainful employment” rule. The complaint repeats many of the claims from APSCU’s suit to strike down the 2011 gainful employment rule: that the U.S. Department of Education didn’t have the
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October 30, 2014

New gainful employment rule is weak, but predatory for-profit colleges remain on the ropes

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The Obama Administration is releasing its “gainful employment” rule, aimed at curbing abuses by federally-funded career colleges, at 7 am Thursday.  I can’t fully evaluate the rule without seeing its details. But I have obtained a press release and fact sheet provided by the Administration to the media and also spoken to Administration and other
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October 22, 2014

As For-Profit Colleges Fight For Their Right to Abuse Students, It’s Obama’s Time To Decide


The Obama Administration is scheduled to issue, within the next few weeks, a regulation called the gainful employment rule, aimed at cutting off federal student aid to college-level career training programs that consistently leave their students drowning in debt. Lobbyists for the for-profit college industry are pressing the White House hard to weaken the rule or
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June 30, 2014

For-Profit College Group APSCU Has Consistently Harbored Fraudulent Schools

I mailed this letter today to Mr. Arthur E. Benjamin, Vice Chair, American Institutes Holdings LLC; Mr. Donald E. Graham, Chairman and CEO, Graham Holdings Company; and Mr. Steve Gunderson, President and CEO, Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities. Dear Mr. Benjamin, Mr. Graham, and Mr. Gunderson: I am writing regarding the career college sector
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June 23, 2014

Jeb Bush Denounces Obama Rule To Hold For-Profit Colleges Accountable for Burying Students in Debt

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (R) last week denounced President Obama’s proposed “gainful employment” rule, which is aimed at holding accountable those career education programs that take taxpayer dollars but consistently leave their students with overwhelming debt.  According to a post on Twitter by the trade association of for-profit colleges, APSCU, Bush on Wednesday told that
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June 2, 2014

For-Profit College Enrolls, “Exploits” Student Who Reads At Third Grade Level


A librarian at a southern California campus of Everest College abruptly resigned last week, deeply upset that the for-profit school had admitted into its criminal justice program a 37-year-old man who appears to read at a third grade level.  The man, who shakes, speaks haltingly, and may suffer from a developmental disability, told the librarian
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May 27, 2014

Obama Must Stop Giving Taxpayer Billions to Colleges That Ruin Students’ Lives

Tonight at midnight ET is the deadline for people to comment on the Obama Administration’s gainful employment rule for career college programs.  Below is the text of my comment (pdf here), just submitted.  To: Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Re: Program Integrity – Gainful Employment, Docket ID ED-2014-OPE-0039 Dear Secretary Duncan: I participate in the
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May 5, 2014

Exposed: For-Profit Colleges’ Blueprint for Blocking Obama Regulations

Posted on the website of an accounting firm in Puerto Rico is a revealing PowerPoint presentation dated February 20, 2014, and credited to Steve Gunderson, the CEO of APSCU, the trade association of for-profit colleges. It outlines APSCU’s plan for defeating the Obama Administration’s key regulation aimed at holding for-profit colleges accountable for leaving students
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