January 29, 2018

Infographic: Trump’s Towers of Corruption

Michael Wolff’s Fire & Fury quotes Steve Bannon as saying that Robert Mueller’s investigation is “all about money laundering.” If that’s so, Donald Trump may be in real trouble. A new report [PDF] released by Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA) collects the available evidence that Trump’s real estate deals — many of them involving known criminals
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May 2, 2012

Did Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp Use The Chamber Of Commerce To Lobby Against The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act?

Rupert Murdoch is “not a fit person” to run an international company, according to a report by a British parliamentary committee looking into phone hacking and other alleged abuses at News Corp. Critics have targeted British politicians including Prime Minster David Cameron for their ties to News Corp and its executives. But News Corp’s political
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