December 23, 2020

As Predatory College Stumbles, Founder Melts Down Over Ayn Rand Dispute

At the end of a year in which the Center for Excellence in Higher Education’s career training schools have fallen into deeper and deeper trouble with regulators and accreditors because of their predatory abuses against students, the schools’ founder, Carl Barney, has been engaged in an embarrassing public spat with a philosophy organization to which,
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November 4, 2020

DeVos Department Has Ended Federal Aid to Troubled For-Profit College Chain

Betsy DeVos’s four-year effort to do the bidding of predatory for-profit colleges and trash rules to hold them accountable has had mixed results. Some awful schools seem to be thriving, while others have continued to collapse under the weight of their own bad behavior.  The next casualty may be an East Coast operation — including
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October 28, 2020

Accreditor Says Court Ruling Raises New Doubts About Carl Barney Schools

In August a Colorado state judge issued a blockbuster ruling that found systematic consumer protection abuses against students by the Center for Excellence in Higher Education (CEHE), operator of career training schools including CollegeAmerica and Independence University. Now, based on that decision, CEHE’s accreditor, which already had placed the schools on probation, is demanding new
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October 27, 2020

DeVos Deputy Slaps Accreditor HLC Anyway

In July, a Department of Education outside advisory committee, dominated by Republicans, rejected, by a 9-2 vote, an absurd and outrageous effort by Betsy DeVos aides to punish accreditor Higher Learning Commission (HLC) for its role in the meltdown of the Dream Center Education Holdings (DCEH) chain of career colleges. Background: In late 2017, HLC
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October 26, 2020

Ten Reasons Trump is the Most Corrupt President in U.S. History

This website focuses on corruption of American politics and policy, so we’ve been busy for four years. Donald Trump, with a few months left in his presidential term, is the most corrupt president in U.S. history — meaning he has, more than any predecessor, used his powerful job to advance his own financial, political, and
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September 28, 2020

Those Troubling For-Profit College Emails: Read Them Here

Last week, US News reported on a pair of emails that Steve Gunderson, the CEO of the for-profit colleges’ trade association, CECU, sent to his members.   In one, Gunderson, a former Republican congressman, makes blatant the organization’s preference for a Donald Trump and GOP victory in 2020 — a partiality that is not surprising, given
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August 22, 2020

21 Questions for RNC Delegates Gathered in Charlotte to Nominate Trump

I’m here in Charlotte, North Carolina, where Republicans have gathered to nominate Donald J. Trump as their presidential candidate for 2020, and where Trump is scheduled to appear Monday.  If you happen to encounter any of the GOP delegates in Charlotte, maybe during their brewery tour, live jazz outing, or golf event, here are a
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August 6, 2020

Inside Arthur Keiser’s College Empire: Troubling Evidence

A close look into Arthur Keiser’s college operations, based on accounts by former school officials and employees, raises new questions about predatory recruiting, conflicts of interest, executive misconduct, and the validity of the non-profit status of his schools. Southeastern College is a Florida-based for-profit career school offering programs in health care, information technology, and business.
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