Corruption of our politics poses an existential threat to our republic. Will we be a self-governing nation of the people, by the people, and for the people, or will we be ruled by special interests and big money lobbyists?

Republic Report is dedicated to rooting out the corruption that is so corrosive to American values. We investigate and uncover the buying and selling of politicians and of institutions entrusted with upholding the public interest. We expose how big money distorts major policy decisions – harming our economy and our people.

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David Halperin (@DaHalperin) engages in public advocacy on a wide range of issues, and he advises organizations on strategy, policy, communications, and legal matters. He is of counsel to Public.Resource.Org. He was previously: founding director of Campus Progress and senior vice president at the Center for American Progress; senior policy advisor for Howard Dean’s presidential campaign; founding executive director of the American Constitution Society; White House speechwriter and special assistant for national security affairs to President Bill Clinton; co-founder of the Internet company Progressive Networks (now called RealNetworks); and counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committee. His articles have appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, The Nation, Politico, Slate, Foreign Policy, and other outlets. He graduated from Yale College and Yale Law School. 

Support for David Halperin’s work for Republic Report on higher education issues has included grants from the Ford Foundation, The Institute for College Access & Success, and The Initiative to Protect Student Veterans and Center for Public Interest Law at the University of San Diego. 

Republic Report pieces by Matt Kasper (@Matt_Kasper) also appear on Energy & Policy Institute’s website and Matt Kasper is a Fellow at the Energy & Policy Institute. He was previously a research assistant for the Energy and Environment Policy Team at the Center for American Progress, where he worked on state and local policy issues and was a guest contributor for ThinkProgress. Matt was also a fellow for Organizing for America in Indiana, and he spent time interning in Hartford, Connecticut, for the state legislature. A native of Chicago, Illinois, Matt graduated from Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Republic Report is nonpartisan. Your Republic Report writers strive hard to publish pieces that are entirely accurate and fair, and to write without fear or favor.

Sometimes we criticize, for corrupted arrangements and conflicts of interest, people whom we personally like and who have done many positive, productive things in their lives. We regret if that causes anguish. We recognize that no one is perfect (certainly not your Republic Report writers). We think it is more important to advocate for an honest, strong democracy than to preserve illusions about peoples’ reputations (e.g., that they are not paid by corporations to advocate for harmful outcomes).

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