April 27, 2020

VIDEO: Mitch McConnell “truly the most corrupt politician in the U.S.”

VIDEO: Mitch McConnell "truly the most corrupt politician in the U.S."

Earlier this month, journalist Jane Mayer published a blockbuster report on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), a deep dive into the deep corruption of a powerful politician who seems to have no moral compass, no strongly-held values, just an intense desire to increase his own power by aiding the entrenched special interests that fund his political activities. 

Republic Report, as we’ve told you, is dedicated to rooting out the corruption that is so corrosive to American values. We investigate and uncover the buying and selling of politicians and of institutions entrusted with upholding the public interest. We expose how big money distorts major policy decisions – harming our economy and our people.

Our mission statement was made for Mitch McConnell.

So we’re offering a new 75-second video that aims to distill the essence of Mayer’s piece — the essence of McConnell’s soulless corruption.

You’ll find much more in Mayer’s article. But here are a few key quotes and passages, most highlighted in the video:

— Norman Ornstein, political scientist at the conservative-leaning American Enterprise Institute: McConnell “will go down in history as one of the most significant people in destroying the fundamentals of our constitutional democracy. There isn’t anyone remotely close. There’s nobody as corrupt, in terms of violating the norms of government.”

— “Former McConnell staffers run an array of ostensibly independent spending groups, many of which take tens of millions of dollars from undisclosed donors.”

— “On a blackboard, McConnell wrote down the three things he felt were necessary for success in politics: Money. Money. Money.”

— Cara Stewart, the chief of staff for the Kentucky House Democrats: “Why does Kentucky not have clean, reliable water?McConnell could help, but he’s in bed with the companies that are causing the problems.”

— “McConnell, currently the top recipient of Senate campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical industry, has denounced efforts to lower drug costs as ‘socialist price controls.’”

— “In 2017, McConnell … personally introduced a little-noticed amendment to eliminate the Prevention and Public Health Fund at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which provided grants to states for detecting and responding to infectious-disease outbreaks.”

— Fred Wertheimer, the president of Democracy 21: “McConnell loves money, and abhors any controls on it. Money is the central theme of his career.”

— “Outside of Berea [Kentucky], a billboard featuring a giant photograph of McConnell and Chao is accompanied by the words ‘We’re rich. How y’all doin?'”

— Jack Spadaro, engineer, Mine Safety and Health Administration: McConnell is “truly the most corrupt politician in the U.S.”