September 28, 2020

Those Troubling For-Profit College Emails: Read Them Here

Last week, US News reported on a pair of emails that Steve Gunderson, the CEO of the for-profit colleges’ trade association, CECU, sent to his members.   In one, Gunderson, a former Republican congressman, makes blatant the organization’s preference for a Donald Trump and GOP victory in 2020 — a partiality that is not surprising, given
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September 4, 2020

CEHE CEO Tells Employees Judge’s Fraud Verdict Was “Political,” Vows Appeal

Eric Juhlin, the CEO of the Center for Excellence in Higher Education, has emailed his employees declaring a Colorado judge’s recent $3 million fraud verdict against the company and its schools a “political” decision and pledging to file an appeal. Juhlin followed up with a message instructing employees to tell students that the judge’s ruling
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September 1, 2020

25 Questions to Ask People Still Considering Trump

When the coronavirus was spreading in January, President Trump said it was “one person coming in from China” and “totally under control” and that everything would be “just fine.” As the virus continued to spread across the US in May, Trump pressed governors to lift restrictions. In June he told a campaign rally that he
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