December 22, 2019

Florida Man Impeached

A Florida man was impeached this week. Donald J. Trump, 73, of Palm Beach, was charged in a complaint by a neighbor living near Trump’s summer home in Washington, DC. The neighbor, Nancy Pelosi, reported that Trump, a federal government employee, abused his office by pressuring the president of Ukraine to announce a bogus investigation
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December 11, 2019

Faced With Proof Colleges Scammed Students, DeVos Insists Students Are the Con Artists

Trump education secretary Betsy DeVos is scheduled to testify tomorrow before a House Education and Labor Committee hearing on student debt issues. DeVos already has expressed this week her continuing concerns about an epidemic of fraud and abuse in the for-profit college sector. Unfortunately, DeVos seems to believe the con artists are not the for-profit
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December 10, 2019

FTC Nails University of Phoenix For Ad Whose Deceptions Reflect Disturbing Deal

I’ve written here before about the shameful practice of many large employers offering a dubious benefit to their employees: “discounted” tuition to overpriced for-profit colleges, some of them schools that have faced numerous law enforcement actions for fraud and deception. I’ve questioned why these employers would want to steer their employees to schools that ruin
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December 9, 2019

DeVos-Backed College Operator Gets Court OK To Strip Students Of Their Rights

Betsy DeVos has been under pressure from congressional Democrats and others because of evidence that her Department of Education facilitated deceptions against students by a failed predatory college operation, Dream Center Education Holdings. At the same time, she’s taken heat, and been held in contempt by a federal judge, because the Department has illegally pursued
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