July 24, 2012

VIDEO: Lee Fang Discusses Failure Of The DISCLOSE ACT

Last night, Lee Fang joined a panel on Thom Hartmann’s television program to discuss the failure of the DISCLOSE Act, legislation designed to bring transparency to the election system. Under current law, much of the electioneering in our political system is undisclosed. The legislation, which was filibustered twice last week, would have forced secretive 501(c) campaign committees to disclose their donors in the same manny in which PACs and Super PACs reveal financial information.

Take a look at Republic Report’s coverage of the DISCLOSE Act debate last week:

Lee Fang
“Lee Fang” discusses Koch’s unreported campaign spending during the 2010 midterm election.

— Ron Paul organization Campaign for Liberty advances falsehoods to smear the DISCLOSE Act.

— Senator McConnell once voted to ban outside money groups from spending during an election cycle.

— Senator Blunt discusses the DISCLOSE Act briefly with Republic Report, dismisses concerns about foreign funding.

— Maine’s two senators once championed disclosure; now they provide swing votes to kill transparency.