March 24, 2012

In Georgia, Tea Partiers And Occupiers Unite To Fight Corporate Assault On The First Amendment

In the peach state, battling the corporate assault on the first amendment is uniting tea partiers and occupiers.

As we reported earlier this month, Waffle House executive and Georgia state senator Don Balfour is pushing a bill, SB469, that would prohibit picketing outside private residences, a law that would’ve put the Founding Fathers themselves in jail. The law is being pushed with the help of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and Corporate America, and is primarily targeted at labor unions.

One group that has protested the bill is Occupy Atlanta, which has held large rallies at the state capitol. After Republic Report made the connection to Waffle House, Atlanta Jobs With Justice leafleted at Waffle Houses across the state to fight back against this corporate assault on free speech. Watch one of Jobs With Justice’s activists explain the leafletting campaign:

Now, Georgia’s Tea Partiers have joined the occupiers and labor unions in battling against Corporate America’s war on free speech. On Monday, the Atlanta Tea Party sent a message to its 50,000-person list opposing the bill. One of its main activists, Debbie Dooley, also testified against it in the state legislature.

Labor unions have First Amendment rights just like Tea Parties,” Dooley told Salon. “I don’t see how you can say it’s OK for one group to go and protest in front of CNN but a labor union can’t.”

The alliance between occupiers, tea partiers, and union members in Georgia against this corporate assault on the First Amendment is a promising sign that Americans of all ideologies are waking up and fighting back against the capture of our democracy by monied interests.