March 8, 2012

Waffle House Executive Pushes Georgia Anti-Picketing Law That Would Put Founding Fathers In Jail

To many in the South, Waffle House is a family-friendly restaurant that serves up some of the best grits and hashbrowns around. But behind that iconic sunny yellow sign is a corporate agenda aimed at stripping Americans of their rights.

State Senator Don Balfour of Snellville, Georgia — a Waffle House vice president who serves on the board of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce — is pushing a bill in his state’s legislature that would effectively outlaw picketing outside of private homes. Although the bill is aimed at suppressing union protests at the “private residences” of business executives, its scope is actually much further reaching.

The bill is written to make it illegal for picketers to take part in actions that would be “interfering with the resident’s right to quiet enjoyment.” But historically, one group of activists took part in protests aimed at private residences intended exactly to disrupt the peace to make their point: the Founding Fathers.

Prior to the Revolutionary War, Sam Adams and other Founding Fathers formed a group called the Sons of Liberty to protest the Stamp Act and similar oppressive legislation. The Sons of Liberty regularly protested outside of the homes of British colonial officials, including the homes of tax collectors. If Balfour and Georgia’s Big Business titans have their way, these protests would be illegal, and Adams and many of the other Founding Fathers would’ve been arrested.

Think about that next time you dig into those delicious Waffle House waffles.

  • Rob Snyder

    For all the time I’ve spent in the south I have never lowered myself to eating in one of those grease infested dives. Now I’m even more glad to be able to say that and to know that I haven’t contributed, and never will, one red cent to that dirtbag.

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  • Dekinblus

    This would also prevent far right anti abortionists from picketing the homes of Doctors who provide abortions. Have they thought this through? Maybe they’ll attach an ammendment to a futre sidewalk construction bill to exempt rel;igious organizations.

  • Christine

    This won’t stand up in court. It violates the First Amendment rights to free speech and assembly. Although, I have to say having those fanatic anti-abortionists prohibited from picketing doctors almost makes me want this bill to pass. Fortunately, whether it passes or not, it won’t become law. And also fortunately, I don’t live in the South, which seems to be popping out all over in mean-spirited, anti-women, anti-poor, and anti-nonwhite laws. I know there are decent folks living in the South ~ but I fear they must all be hiding at home in the fire-storm of regressive, ugly politics being played there.

    • Don’t worry Christine, we aren’t all like that here in the South. In fact I suspect only a few bad apples make a bad name for all of us.

      My hubby and I enjoy a once-monthly trip late at night when the social security checks clear, to the waffle house as a treat and a break from struggling to keep food in the house.

      We are active in Occupy Wall Street, and we will NOT patronize WH anymore. sadly, we’ll miss the waitresses and cooks. They will lose out as we are often the only ones in there at that hour of the night. This law was designed to harass Occupiers mostly, and we’ll be darned if we’ll give them the rope to hang us with.

      sure gonna miss those hash browns, but that’s okay!!

      • CatKinNY

        A few bad apples? Sorry, but the South shows us every two years in those blazing red electoral maps that the majority are bad apples.

    • beatlefan1970

      Hi, Christine! I’d like to second Granny–there are sane Southerners. Our voices don’t get heard very well over the shrill din of the fear-and-hate mongers, alas. But here in Athens, tolerance and sanity more or less prevail, even though they’ve gerrymandered us into being represented by one of the most ass-backwards human beings extant…and Waffle House, man, kicking that habit is like quitting smoking. The hashbrowns are that good.

      • CatKinNY

        Athens, GA isn’t in the South; like Austin, TX, where I used to live, it’s a cool blue pool located in a boiling red cauldron of angry, ignorant asholes.

  • Lufrank

    May God save the USA from the Male White Trash far right Pseudo-Christians who are turning OUR Nation into a fascist state, where women and minorities and non-Christians. and Christians who actually follow Jesus’ so-called messages of love… are treated as subhumans, and regarded as Communists and Socialists (although the dumb GOPers don’t realize that the VA, Public Libraries, Public Schools (which THEY want to teach Creationism as Science, and where they want NO sex education). Highway, Food Inspection, etc. ARE socialist entities.

    Madness! Goodbye Freedom. Hello Police State!

  • Miltfarrow

    lufrank sums it all up- I would like to add – who are the 26,000 pastors that were gathered up by the Government ( FEMA & HS folks) and agreed to get our American folks to turn in their weapons and get on the NAZI CATTLE cars to be sent to the REX 84 Gulags
    I would like to hear from our ignorant conservatives now about conspiracy theories and no REX 84

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  • Yesca_Again

    Golly Gee, how submissive and subordinated have you all become? Lordy, their stripping away your sacred peaceful protest placebo. I understand how ‘civility’ may be the reigns holding back the article & posts so far, but enough!

    As for the ‘…Georgia Anti-Picketing Law That Would Put Founding Fathers In Jail’ or ‘…these protests would be illegal, and Adams and many of the other Founding Fathers would’ve been arrested.’ Tis, tis!

    If this type of law would have frightened ‘our Founding Fathers’ so what. These Founding Fathers were an elite group of educated & wealthy men. And from what I learned in school seems only one of our revolutionary ‘heroes’, Patrick Henry actually died for the rest of us. The majority got to be old.

    It was the unnamed unremembered rabbled mass, the commoners who stood before the guns, bled, froze, and died for our ‘freedom’, to be citizens of America, over & over. It was the commoners, the land & moneyed poor who were the majority of those window dressing protesters & the real gun fodder in the struggle.

    Those who dared stand, left all they held dear, for something that might make life better for all others, whose sacrifices, hunger, sufferings & blatant violations of ‘the laws’ of the King, for a dream, the ‘Americans’ who actually founded America.

    Least ye all forget or ignore the ugly facts, that 50% of Americans live in poverty right now. Yet 92% of the ‘Recovery’ gains benefited only the 2%ers. Since 2008 the Right has passed laws with little opposition against just about everything, and were elected in by 50%+ of our population.

    There are/were ‘laws’ protecting us from pollution of: air, water, food, etc, yet corporations openly violate, ignore, undercut & change those laws for profit & power. Undermined continually public education, our children’s educations, are privatizing nationally the public’s prison systems while implementing ‘laws’ that insure never ending populations of incarcerated to house & profit from.

    Moved America’s jobs & factories out of America & been subsidized by our taxes to do it. Are making it almost impossible for you to use real money to buy stuff so they can charge you a service fee for using your own money, manipulated you to deposit in their vaults.

    Stolen the value from 401Ks, taken retirement funds, and are drooling over the feast they’ll have soon enough with Social Security, a pile of money, our money not yet theirs. Etc. Moreover, seems convinced you that’s the way it is, it’s OK?

    We talk about corporations as if they are these untouchable abstract entities global faraway, then our Supreme Court even commands ‘they are people’ too. With, more rights & freedoms than you or me, we’re only human beings. And the Republican Party & ‘centrist Democrats’ defend this BS. Who’s doing who?

    Fact: Corporations are created & run by mere human beings, like Don Balfour of Snellville, Georgia, who live & die just like me & you. History, human history & America’s remind us, the everyday kind, that no one is untouchable or really protected. No amount of ‘security forces’, private mercenary armies, gates, wealth or power places any individual out of our reach. Be it a blade, a bullet, an ideal.

    Our lack of courage & tenacity is why we are where we are as a nation, as a people. Why our President is not doing what we hoped.

    While you worry, ponder & moan about being arrested for carrying a sign on a sidewalk, or yelling out loud?

    Change never comes easy, especially this one. But it must germinate, first in our individual spirits, take root in our common shared belief that the dream of that uncouth mass of 1776, that first bled & died for America is all there is.

    It must bloom & flower in our collective courage & tenacity to do what must be done for We, the people to be America. The America we know in our hearts it is, ours, all of us even the 2%ers. I believe we are brave enough right here & now, just waiting for you to know it too.

    God don’t bless America! WE, the people … DO!

  • Gradovich

    What do suggest we “the people” do about it?
    Let’s see a petition we can sign and forward to the “powers that be”.

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  • fukum

    Lived in Fla for 8 years and never went to a Awful House…I heard they were rat fcukers way before I lived there….

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