June 10, 2014

SNL “Making Copies” Guy, In Business With For-Profit College, Attacks Obama

Barack. Barack-O. Barack-O-Rama. The Obamanator!  Makin’ some copies. Copying the Gainful Employment Rule. 845 pages!

You remember Rob Schneider on “Saturday Night Live” with his breakout character, the guy who sat by the office copy machine and annoyed people with a stream of comments? You don’t?  C’mon.

Well, Schneider, also the star of such film classics as “The Hot Chick” and “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo,” has now joined Suze Orman, Colin Powell, Shannen Doherty, Trent Lott, Jeb Bush, Bob Kerrey, Marc Morial, Steve Forbes, and other hired celebrities who validate and endorse the for-profit college industry, a sector where …

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March 31, 2014

Quiz: Which For-Profit College Are You?

Time to find out how badly you rip off students and taxpayers.

Read the book here.

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This article also appears on Huffington Post.

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March 28, 2014

Which For-Profit College Lobbyist Are You?

I’ve just published a new 100-page e-book, Stealing America’s Future: How For-Profit Colleges Scam Taxpayers and Ruin Students’ Lives. You can buy it for 99 cents on AmazonI hope you’ll read it, because it is a critical moment for Americans to examine and speak out on the issue of for-profit colleges, the trade schools that bombard us with advertising promising students a better future through careers in fields like medical assisting, auto repair, and information technology.

Some of these schools do a good job training students for careers. But many of …

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November 18, 2013
Outside the room where the Department of Education holds its rulemaking sessions. Two of past three Assistant Secretaries for Post-Secondary Education later became lobbyists for for-profit colleges.
Outside the room where the Department of Education holds its rulemaking sessions. Both people who served as Assistant Secretary for Post-Secondary Education under George W. Bush later became lobbyists for for-profit colleges.

Finally, A Chance To Curb the Abuses of For-Profit Colleges

This morning, in a packed room on the 8th floor of a K Street building, the U.S. Department of Education resumes talks in pursuit of a “gainful employment” rule aimed at penalizing for-profit colleges that leave students deep in debt and without decent paying jobs. It’s called a “negotiated rulemaking,” bringing together representatives of schools, students, and others, but the parties are too far apart for there to be a successful negotiation. Instead the discussions are sharpening the debate, and have pushed the Department toward articulating its own increasingly solid set of rules that might actually be strong …

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October 21, 2013

$33 Million Per Year of Your Tax Money To For-Profit College Whose CEO Hid Criminal Record

On Friday, prosecutors in Miami charged the politically-connected CEO of for-profit Dade Medical College, Ernesto Perez, with the felony charge of providing false information through a sworn statement, plus two misdemeanor counts of perjury. When Perez was named to Florida’s Commission on Independent Education — a panel charged with overseeing schools like his — he omitted criminal convictions and arrests from his Senate confirmation questionnaire.

In 1990, Perez was arrested in Wisconsin for second-degree sexual assault of a child, after members of his heavy metal band, Young Turk, sexually assaulted a 15 year old girl. He eventually pleaded no contest …

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October 16, 2013

Charged With Protecting Students, Congressman Kline Instead Serves For-Profit Colleges

Representative John Kline, Republican of Minnesota, chairs the House Education and the Workforce Committee. He also is a living symbol of the Republican Party’s shameful loyalty to big for-profit colleges that have added to the corruption of U.S. politics, systematically ripped off taxpayers, and ruined the futures of countless students.

On Friday, Rep. Kline will be the keynote speaker at the annual conference of the Minnesota Career College Association, the trade group for the state’s for-profit colleges. Not all for-profit college programs are bad; some work hard to train students for careers. But the Continue Reading »

August 28, 2013

A Nation of Trump Universities: The Abuses of For-Profit Colleges

Because the media loves discussing Donald Trump, it wasn’t surprising to see heavy press coverage of a lawsuit brought by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman accusing the unlicensed Trump University of “persistent fraudulent, illegal and deceptive conduct.”  Trump responded by harshly attacking Schneiderman, whose suit demands that Trump pay back at least $40 million to the 5,000 people who were enticed into paying $10,000 to $35,000 for real estate investment courses “that did not deliver on their promises.” Trump University’s sad broken promises included telling some students they would get a photo-op with the Donald, when all they …

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June 19, 2013

Jury Awards $13 Million To Single Mom Deceived By For-Profit College Tied to Mitt Romney

On Friday a Missouri jury awarded $13 million in punitive damages to a single mother who had been deceived by for-profit Vatterott College. Vatterott, which has a long record of abusing students and leaving them deep in debt, is owned by TA Associates, a private equity firm financially tied to Mitt Romney’s own private equity firm and to the 2012 Romney presidential campaign.

Jennifer Kerr of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, saw Vatterott’s TV ads and visited the campus in 2009 to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse.   A Vatterott recruiter told Kerr that the school didn’t have a nursing …

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