February 21, 2013

Aided by Fox News, For-Profit Colleges Use Shameless Propaganda to Mask Shameful Conduct

Several years of public scrutiny have exposed that many of America’s for-profit colleges are playing a cruel joke on students and taxpayers — high-priced, low-quality programs, sold through deceptive recruiting practices, that often leave students without good jobs and deep in debt. This scam has cost taxpayers as much as $33 billion in a single year. Worse, it
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February 28, 2012

Super PAC Slow Jam

Last night on his show, Jimmy Fallon was joined by Brian Williams and the Roots to slow jam on President Obama’s decision to embrace super PACs. He sang: “Aww yeah, sounds like the president goes both ways on this issue. I ain’t mad. There ain’t nothing wrong with a campaign getting an insertion of backdoor
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