March 3, 2012

ABRAMOFF: Let’s Focus on What Matters: Battling Washington’s Everyday Corruption

Last week, the Sunlight Foundation’s reporting blog responded to a post I wrote about my experience as a lobbyist convincing members of Congress not to impose a retroactive tax on inverted companies, including my then-client, Tyco. Inverted companies are those who reincorporate overseas, primarily to avoid paying US corporate taxes. Tyco was actually purchased by
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February 23, 2012

Is the Revolving Door Big Enough?: 400 Former House Staffers Registered to Lobby in Past 2 Years

Where Former House Staff Go

What happens when you leave your job on the Hill? You’re welcomed with open arms on K Street. At least, that was the case for nearly 400 former House staffers who left Congress to register as lobbyists from 2009 to 2011, according to a new Sunlight Foundation study. Sunlight’s Leo Drutman writes: More than two
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