February 9, 2017

George Mason Students Sue For Records on Koch Donations

Today, students at George Mason University sued their school and a private foundation tied to the school in a Virginia state court, seeking records related to donations from the billionaire Koch brothers. The students are concerned that Koch donations to GMU, a state university, come with inappropriate conditions; they launched their campaign on this issue in
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June 6, 2012

Group Spends Big To Block California Cigarette Tax, While Hiding The Fact That It’s Funded By Big Tobacco

A California ballot measure to raise taxes on cigarettes by a dollar per pack failed yesterday. 50.8 percent of voters opposed the initiative compared to 49.2 percent who favored the tax, which would raise money for cancer research and anti-smoking projects for kids. Just a few months ago, about two-thirds of voters backed the measure. But
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March 13, 2012

VIDEO: Occupiers Protest In Support Of Libertarian Think Tank Outside Of Koch’s Lobbying Headquarters

Today, United Republic and Republic Report were joined by a passionate group of activists outside Koch Industries’ downtown Washington lobbying headquarters to criticize the petrochemical billionaire Koch brothers’ attempt to take over the Cato Institute. Cato has a long history of fierce libertarian beliefs, widening the debate in Washington on everything from civil liberties to
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February 3, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Koch Brothers Convene Ultra-Secret Billionaires Meeting To Raise Funds, Plot Strategy

A private jet arrives at Palm Springs Airport the morning of the "Defending Free Enterprise" Koch meeting.

  At a retreat last weekend, dozens of wealthy donors convened in a large golf resort in Indian Wells, California for a four day conference to raise money and plot out election year strategy, the Republic Report has confirmed. We traveled to the conference, and spoke to a few of the attendees. The summit, organized
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