June 22, 2012

Obama Campaign Attacks Romney’s Bain Outsourcing – But Support For Outsourcing Is Bipartisan Corruption

The Obama campaign just released a campaign commercial talking about how Mitt Romney, while working at Bain Capital, oversaw the outsourcing of Americans jobs to China and Mexico. The ad calls Romney a “corporate raider” for his role at Bain (watch it to the left). The media has picked up the Obama campaign’s attack on
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April 23, 2012

The Real Colombian Scandal: U.S. Enacting Job-Killing Trade Deal With Human Rights Abuser

Over the past week, the mainstream press in the United States has obsessively covered an embarassing incident where U.S. Secret Service agents allegedly employed prostitutes in advance of President Obama’s visit to Colombia. While this incident reflects poorly on the Secret Service and creates issues regarding security, there is a wider scandal that the media largely
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February 16, 2012

$696,000 Sellout: Industry Group Showered Congress With Donations, Won Their Votes On Job-Killing Trade Deal

Last year, Congress passed three trade deals with foreign countries — South Korea, Panama, and Colombia. Although these deals were referred to in mainstream political debate as “free trade” agreements, the truth is that all three agreements protected certain industries over others rather than completely drop trade barriers.  The agreements, like past free trade pacts, also
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