May 12, 2014

Federal Judge Dismisses Libel Suit Brought By Coal CEO Robert Murray: The Opinion

This morning, United States District Judge Gregory L. Frost dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed by Robert Murray, CEO of coal company Murray Energy, against blogger Mike Stark and the Huffington Post.  Some reporting on the case is here and here.  Stark was represented by the ACLU of Ohio and me.  Below I’ve posted Judge Frost’s
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May 11, 2012

Bill McKibben On The $146 Million Spent By Big Oil Lobbying Each Year: ‘We’re Going To Fight’

Yesterday, climate change pioneer Bill McKibben and his organization,, joined with Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Keith Ellison to launch a new bill that would cut $113 billion in subsidies to the coal, oil, and gas lobby over the next decade. The oil industry received about $7 billion in tax breaks in 2011, despite
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