June 30, 2012

VIDEO: McCain Denounces Big Pharma Lobbyists Who Just Killed Cheaper Drugs Again

Imagine you could get pharmaceutical drugs for twenty to eighty percent cheaper. If you’re someone with multiple prescriptions, that could save you thousands of dollars every year. The thing is, you can. Or, you could, if you were allowed to import safe pharmaceutical drugs from Canada. But you’re not, because the U.S. government bars you from doing
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February 21, 2012

Drug Industry Group Spent $194,000 In January Alone To Fight Kentucky Anti-Meth Legislation

 The Courier Journal reports today about the huge amounts of money that a drug industry group is spending to fight regulation of certain cold and allergy medications in the state of Kentucky. For years, public health advocates have pushed for tougher regulation of these medications because they are commonly used to produce methamphetamine. Kentucky Senate Majority Leader
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