May 17, 2012

Drugmakers Spent Record Amount Lobbying In Kentucky To Weaken Anti-Meth Bill

As we reported back in February, the over-the-counter drug association known as the Consumer Health Products Association (CHPA) spent $194,000 in January alone to battle legislation that would require a prescription for certain cold medicines so as to combat the spread of ingredients commonly used to make methmethamphetamines. The bill was eventually watered down after
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February 28, 2012

Oklahoma Republican Representative Says “Blood Money” From Drug Industry Killed Anti-Meth Bill

Republic Report earlier reported that the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA), an industry group representing over the counter drug makers, spent a whopping $194,957.76 in Kentucky in January alone lobbying against stricter regulations on the sales of certain cold medicines that can be used to produce methamphetamine. The CHPA is also lobbying heavily in Oklahoma, and scored
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February 21, 2012

Drug Industry Group Spent $194,000 In January Alone To Fight Kentucky Anti-Meth Legislation

 The Courier Journal reports today about the huge amounts of money that a drug industry group is spending to fight regulation of certain cold and allergy medications in the state of Kentucky. For years, public health advocates have pushed for tougher regulation of these medications because they are commonly used to produce methamphetamine. Kentucky Senate Majority Leader
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