August 7, 2023

5th Circuit Blocks Biden Rule Aimed at Protecting Students From College Scams

In 2016, the Obama administration issued a regulation that, for the first time, meaningfully implemented a federal law that allows former students to have their federal loan debt cancelled if there is sufficient evidence that their school scammed them. This borrower defense rule established standards and procedures for students to seek such debt relief, and
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August 2, 2023

Put Trump’s Trial on TV (Or At Least Record It)

The Justice Department’s election conspiracy trial of Donald Trump, following the indictment filed late yesterday, will be one of the most important proceedings in the history of our country, and yet only a handful of people will ever see it, because, almost certainly, it won’t be on TV, not even videotaped. Every U.S. state allows
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August 1, 2023

Donald Trump Appears To Be A Criminal (Update)

Education fraud, charity fraud, business fraud, tax fraud, election cheating, sedition, government corruption, classified document theft, obstruction of justice, sexual assault — and now conspiracy to overturn the lawful results of the 2020 election. Donald Trump appears to be a criminal. Here are the facts: November 2016: Donald Trump paid $25 million to settle civil
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July 25, 2023

Biden Administration Grants $130 Million Debt Relief for CollegeAmerica-Colorado Students

The Biden Department of Education announced today that it has approved $130 million in automatic loan cancellation for some 7,400 former students at Colorado campuses of the now shuttered CollegeAmerica career school chain, part of the collapsed, disgraced Center for Excellence in Higher Education (CEHE) operation. A statement today from President Biden said of the
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July 20, 2023

College Run by ACCSC Chair Seems to Violate ACCSC Rules

Atlantis University, a Miami-based for-profit school, appears to be in violation of a rule of the private accrediting agency that oversees its operations, a standard governing the use of “branch campuses” tied to a school’s central campus. Remarkably, in 2017 Atlantis won an award from that accreditor, Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC),
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July 19, 2023

Did A Runaway Chatbot Spice Up A Website Praising College Owner Arthur Keiser?

A website with the apparent purpose of lauding controversial, ultra-wealthy Florida for-profit college owner Arthur Keiser has added 16 posts over the past two months, with titles like “Exploring Arthur Keiser’s Impact on the Academic Excellence of Keiser University,” “Why Keiser University Stands Out: A Closer Look at Arthur Keiser’s Educational Legacy,” and “The Philosophy
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July 14, 2023

Feds Issue Warning: Colleges Can’t Silence Whistleblowers

On Thursday, the U.S. Department of Education issued a bulletin to colleges, warning that, under federal law, they cannot prohibit employees — including ex-employees who have signed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) — from talking with the Department about their schools’ handling of federal student aid. The Department’s office of Federal Student Aid (FSA) said it was
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July 13, 2023

Connecticut AG Sues For-Profit Stone Academy For Deceiving Nursing Students

Connecticut attorney general William Tong today sued Stone Academy, one of the many for-profit colleges that have shut down in the past year, with a complaint alleging the school promised nursing and other health care students a quality education leading to a good career, even as it cut educational spending and denied many attendees the
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