December 13, 2023

Trump Quiz!

Trump Quiz!

1. As president, Trump did:
(a) a horrible job
(b) an Incredible Job

2. At the hands of the Fake News Media, Trump Hating Judges, and the Radical Left Democrats, Trump has been:
(a) treated fairly
(b) treated unfairly
(c) Treated Very Unfairly™

3. Experts who defend Trump are:
(a) total losers
(b) getting paid to defend Trump
(c) Highly Respected

4. People who criticize Trump:
(a) have a right to speak
(b) are horrible people

5. When some issue comes up, Trump and his team will be:
(a) looking at it very weakly
(b) looking at it very strongly

6. When some other issue comes up, Trump and his team will be:
(a) looking at just one thing
(b) looking at a lot of different things

7. Trump’s Full and Complete Health Care Plan:
(a) is two weeks away
(b) will be released within two weeks

8. Trump is:
(1) the most racist person there is anywhere in the world
(2) pretty racist, although there might be some people even more racist
(3) the Least Racist Person There Is Anywhere In The World

9. The criminal prosecutions of Trump are:
(1) valid
(2) a partial witch hunt
(3) a Total Witch Hunt, the Likes of Which No One Has Ever Seen Before

10. Trump has pledged, if elected, to be:
(a) the president of all the people
(b) the vengeance of MAGA people
(c) a dictator who will suspend the Constitution
(d) b and c.