August 4, 2020

What We Face in America Today

Normally I don’t share my concerns this way. It’s not to be alarmist. It’s to say we have to fight back every day against all these things to save our country.

1. Deadly pandemic that Trump and Trump supporters keep spreading with their vile behavior.
2. Trump and Barr planning to suppress votes, manipulate Post Office, sue, halt mail-in votes, declare election a fraud.
3. Increasing poverty and desperation as government benefits slow, and landlords and bill collectors demand payment.
4. Trump and Barr increasing federal police violence and abuse against racial justice protestors.
5. Russian and other foreign interference in election, with the encouragement and involvement of Trump and Trump stooges whom Trump and Barr shield from justice.
6. Blatant corruption of government by Trump, administration, and cronies for personal gain, and the suppression of whistleblowers and inspectors general.
7. Advancing climate change.
8. Trump attacks on immigrants.

For starters.