October 15, 2018

What Trump says are hoaxes are true. What Trump says are true are hoaxes.

What Trump says are hoaxes are true. What Trump says are true are hoaxes.

This morning, President Donald Trump told reporters, among other things:

— Regarding the apparent murder of Jamal Khashoggi: “It sounded to me like maybe these could have been rogue killers — who knows.” Yes, rogue killers somehow snuck into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, killed Khashoggi, and removed him so skillfully that the Saudis believed Khashoggi walked out of the building.

— Regarding the DNA evidence presented today by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) that she has Native American heritage, and Trump’s previous public offer to give Warren $1 million to the charity of her choice if a DNA test proved Native American heritage: “Who cares?… I didn’t say that; you better read it again.”

These remarks proved once again that what Trump says are hoaxes are true, and what Trump says are true are hoaxes.

Last week, CNN’s Don Lemon listed several matters that Trump has labelled a hoax that are in fact real.

1. Russian interference in the US electionNot a hoax.
2. Global warming. Not a hoax.
3. 3000 deaths in Puerto Rico. Not a hoax.
4. Hush money to Stormy Daniels. Not a hoax.
5. Christine Blasey Ford was assaulted. Not a hoax.

Here’s our list of things that are a hoax:

Trump’s claim that he built his wealth with a single $1 million loan from his father

Trump’s claim that the Central Park 5 were guilty, despite the DNA evidence

Trump’s claim that thousands of people celebrated in New Jersey on Sept. 11

Trump’s claim that Barack Obama may not have been born in US

Trump’s claim that he hand-picked instructors at Trump University

Trump’s claim that the Republican tax cut law favors the middle class and “is going to cost me a fortune, this thing, believe me

Trump’s claim this week that he kept his campaign promise to “protect coverage for patients with pre-existing conditions”