December 4, 2017

GOP’s Unholy Alliance: Trump-McConnell-Moore-Kochs

GOP's Unholy Alliance: Trump-McConnell-Moore-Kochs

On the heels of the Senate’s massive tax giveaway to the ultra-rich, Mitch McConnell’s tilt this weekend toward bigot and accused predator Roy Moore shows that the Republican Party has become a disgracefully dirty alliance, with corrupt accused predator Donald Trump its poster boy.

Trump this morning made his endorsement of Moore in the Alabama senate race explicit, with a tweet asserting “we need Republican Roy Moore to win in Alabama.”

All the big corporations backing the GOP tax giveaway to the rich — Facebook, Google, Koch Industries, etc. — are now complicit not only in screwing the middle class, but also, by handing the president the tax victory he has sought, in validating Trump, his bigotry, his misogyny, his environmental destruction, his kleptocratic corruption, and his Russiagate obstruction.

Robert Mueller’s investigation is closing in on Trump’s inner circle, but we can’t count on that probe to save our country.  Citizens need to fight back harder than ever — speak up, organize, march, vote.

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