July 14, 2014

Greenpeace ‘Founder’ Patrick Moore Not a Founder at All

Greenpeace USA protest in rubber boats against test navigation of the 189,000 DWT Supertanker San Diego at Puget Sound, defying the Coast Guard ban for spectators.For more than 20 years now, industry lobbyist Patrick Moore has touted himself a “co-founder” and sometimes even a “founder” of the global environment group Greenpeace.

But a document making the rounds shows that Moore’s claim to be a founder or a co-founder of Greenpeace is simply not true.

A letter from 1971 shows Patrick Moore applying to take part in a Greenpeace trip and protest against nuclear testing in the Arctic ocean. A response from one of the actual co-founders of Greenpeace, Paul Cotes, on Greenpeace letterhead no less, acknowledges receipt of Moore’s interest in taking part in Greenpeace activity.

How the heck can someone apply to be part of an organization that is already founded and then claim later to have been a founder?

Here’s the letter:

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In many ways, Patrick Moore has built his entire reputation off this myth or, at the least, it has served Moore very well as a powerful talking point.

To be a pro-nuclear energy industry spokesperson or someone who claims there is no scientific proof that climate change is caused by human activity is one thing. In fact, there are lots of people who jump on Fox News and say the things Moore says.

But to say such things as a founder of one of the largest, most recognized environment groups in the world is what makes Moore newsworthy. And over the years Moore’s story of being a former environmentalist who has seen the error of his ways has gotten him a lot of press.

In fact, Moore even wrote a book a few years back called, “Confessions of a Greenpeace Drop Out.”

Looking at Moore’s credentials, I would suggest that if Moore had never claimed the mantle of a founder of Greenpeace, I bet he would not have gotten even an inch of column space, compared to the hundreds of articles and television appearances he has gotten over the years.

Here’s a 2004 profile in Wired magazine telling the tale of Patrick Moore’s evolution from founder of Greenpeace to a “mouthpiece” for industry.

Case in point, watch this 2012 interview with Canada’s right-wing mouthpiece Ezra Levant and you tell me if Moore’s story is at all interesting if you take out the now-proven-false claim that Moore was a founder of Greenpeace.

See what I mean? There’s just not much of a story.

Without his claim-to-fame, Patrick Moore is nothing but a guy with some opinions, and it blows my mind that he was able to keep up this myth for so long.

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Image credit: Dictadura Verde

  • climatehypochondriac

    Another one like Greg Laden that can’t be bothered to do any fact checking before writing an article. See my comments on Laden’s blog (BruceC) that produces FACTS, not BS.


    In short;

    1) The letter above is addressed to the ‘Don’t Make A Wave Committee’, NOT Greenpeace. As was Bob Hunter’s letter sent a day earlier (Hunter is also a co-founder and is regarded as the ‘father’ of Greenpeace and was it’s first president, Moore was it’s second).


    2) Greenpeace was founded on May 4th, 1972.
    3) That first voyage on the Phyllis Cormack, aka, ‘The Greenpeace’ was made in 1971. Twelve months BEFORE Greenpeace was formed. Patrick Moore was present along with Jim Bohlen, Paul Cote and the Phyllis Cormack’s skipper/owner John Cormack in 1970 to inspect the vessel to see if it was sea worthy enough for the voyage a year later.
    Pure FACTS Kevin.

    • kgrandia

      Here it is straight from Greenpeace:

      Patrick Moore Did Not Found Greenpeace
      Patrick Moore frequently portrays himself as a founder or co-founder of Greenpeace, and many news outlets have repeated this characterization. Although Mr. Moore played a significant role in Greenpeace Canada for several years, he did not found Greenpeace.


      • climatehypochondriac

        Yes Kevin, I know what they’re saying NOW. Let’s have a look at what they said in 2005, before the smear campaign against Moore took place (~2006)….straight from Greenpeace;


        Patrick Moore is under the ‘P’ in Greenpeace.

        Lets also have a look a Greenpeace article written on the day of Bob Hunter’s death buried deep within their archives dated 2nd May, 2005, and still available on their current web site;


        The first sentence in the first pargraph states; “In 1971, the word “Greenpeace” hadn’t yet been coined.” Further down you have,

        “and on September 15, 1971, he and 11 other rag-tag activists would sail out to challenge the greatest military force on Earth in a rusting fishing boat they called ‘The Greenpeace.'”

        Got it yet Kevin? You, Laden, DeSmogblog, MediaWatch et all, have all reported Greenpeace’s ‘claim’ without an ounce of research or fact checking to back up those ‘claims’.
        All of you are misleading the public based on false information started by Greenpeace in ~2006. None of you have bothered to read Rex Weyler’s 2004 book ‘Greenpeace: How a Group of Ecologists, Journalists, and Visionaries Changed the World’, nor will any of you be bothered to read Bob Hunter’s 1978 book ‘Warriors of the Rainbow’, of which I have ordered and will be borrowing from my local library tomorrow.

        • kgrandia

          So this is a cover up by Greenpeace is your contention?

          • climatehypochondriac

            It’s not a cover up Kevin. It’s a blatant lie. Moore left Greenpeace in 1986 because of the ‘political’ direction in which they were heading when David McTaggart came on the scene in 1978-79.
            Do yourself a favour Kevin and read the two books I quoted above, plus Moore’s own book if required. Don’t take what GP are saying now as gospel.

          • kgrandia

            I have talked about this issue many times in the past with longtime Greenpeace staff and am well versed in the history of Greenpeace. So you are also contending that this letter is a fake?

            And also, who is this? You seem to really be passionate about this issue.

          • climatehypochondriac

            Where have I said the letter is fake? It’s not fake. Patrick Moore has it (and the reply) on his own web-site. He also has a copy of Bob Hunter’s letter there. What is it with people like you and FACTS? Are you afraid of FACTS!

            Oh, who am I? I am a ‘Neville Nobody’ who is after one thing. THE TRUTH!

            Now Kevin, are you going to read the two above books I quoted to find out the truth. Or are you going to take Greenpeace’s word for it and believe your so-called ‘Greenpeace staff’ that probably weren’t even born when Greenpeace was founded?

            “Is it another conspiracy?” Here we go, the old ‘conspiracy’ theory tactic. Anything that goes against your believes is another conspiracy? I think you have been reading too much John Cook and Stephan Lewandosky articles TBO.
            BTW. I was born in 1961, and YES, man did land on the moon.

          • kgrandia

            I also note in your comments on other sites that you appear to contend that climate change is also made up. Is it another conspiracy?

  • climatehypochondriac


    Kevin Eelko Grandia (born 1974), former editor for DeSmogBlog. Say no more!
    You weren’t even born when Greenpeace was founded or when man landed on the moon.

    • climatehypochondriac

      Infact Kevin, you were born right in the middle of the so-called ‘consensus’ that the planet was heading towards another ice-age.