October 25, 2014

If GOP Takes Senate, Climate Change Deniers Will Control Key Committees

Sen. Mitch McConnell poses inside of a tank in 1985.
Sen. Mitch McConnell poses inside of a tank in 1985

It wasn’t long ago that coal executives were openly discussing their dream of Republicans seizing the White House and making Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe — who believes climate change is a “hoax” concocted by greedy scientists — the head of the EPA.

Now, they have a second chance. As dark money groups and SuperPACs backed by millions of dollars from the fossil fuel industry are propelling Republicans to a Senate majority, climate science-denying politicians are likely to seize control of key committee chairmanships, a coup for companies seeking to pollute the atmosphere with impunity. What’s more, Inhofe is slated to become chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee, with oversight of the EPA.

Republic Report took a look at how the U.S. Senate would likely change under GOP control:

Environment and Public Works Committee: Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) is in line to take control of the EPQ chairmanship, which would give him authority over the EPA. Inhofe, who has compared climate change activists to Nazis, has already signaled that he will go after regulators on a raft of issues concerning greenhouse gases, from methane leaks to the new rules over coal-fire power plants.

— Subcommittee on Science and Space: As current ranking member of this subcommittee, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has a good shot at becoming the chairman. This vital subcommittee oversees the National Science Foundation, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and issues relating to federally funded scientific research. Cruz is a proud denier of climate change science. When he ran for office in 2012, Cruz told reporters in Texas that global warming ceased in 1997. Earlier this year, in an interview with CNN, Cruz again questioned the science, claiming the “data are not supporting what the advocates are arguing.”

Homeland Security and Governmental Reform Committee: Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), in line to take control of the Homeland Security Committee, would likely use his perch to continue to harass scientists. The committee is the Senate’s chief investigative and oversight body. Johnson has already distinguished himself with outbursts against Dr. James Hansen, using a hearing earlier this year as an opportunity to tell the award-winning NASA scientist that climate “science is far from settled.” Johnson, who claims that “sunspot activity” is responsible for any changes in climate, has also railed against groups pushing for reform, accusing one of “environmental jihad.”

Budget Committee: Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY) has brushed aside the threat of climate change, calling the debate over the issue a “waste of money.” As the next possible chair of the Budget Committee, Enzi may have a chance to rewrite the budget and reduce funding for agencies attempting to regulate carbon pollution.  There has been talk about Republicans shutting the government down in a bid to defund the EPA over its climate change rules. Enzi has already criticized the EPA’s coal regulations, and could move such a strategy forward.

Should Republicans take a majority of seats in the U.S. Senate, the caucus would be led by Senators Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and John Cornyn (R-TX), two men who have refused to answer fairly simple questions about the threat of manmade climate change.

Moreover, the Senate Republicans have indicated that they will not only block the few and fairly weak proposals to deal with climate change, but are just as interested in using their power to intimidate environmental non-profits. Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) has recently published reports listing the American Lung Association and the National Wildlife Foundation as part of a nefarious environmental cabal. Though the Vitter reports fail to show any wrongdoing by the non-profits, he has already sent investigative letters to some groups.

  • Robbins Mitchell

    “If GOP takes Senate,eco-nazis who suck $h!t out of anAL GOREtentive’s @$$ WON’T control key committees”

  • Kimo

    It is time to shut down the Global Warming hoax. There’s no data to support it, and it is simply being used by the Left to put millions of Americans out of jobs.

    • tarheel T party

      Smart Take.

  • What kind of weed you smoking Lee? Ted Cruz 2016!

  • gthog61

    Is this supposed to be a bad thing?

  • bradfregger

    FANTASTIC! It’s about time we got those AGW religious fanatics out of there.

  • chicano2nd

    Looks like fact denying subhumans proliferate here to troll!

  • paasingby

    “If GOP Takes Senate, Climate Change Deniers Will Control Key Committees”
    No, those who understand climate change is natural will take key control.

  • Art

    I wished that these climate alarmists would walk thru the poor neighborhoods and explain to them that they will have to pay more for energy. Oh, and you don’t have any say in the matter. It’s for your own good, have a nice day. They wouldn’t last very long. All you hear are the rich Hollywood types and old rockers. You never hear what the guy that has three kids and holding down two jobs has to say about it.

    • paasingby

      to join the club of global warming you first have to achieve these 6 goals.

      1.Buy 5 houses- David Suzuki.

      2.Buy a mansion and large house by the sea – Al gore

      3.Fly up the coast for a burger- Harrison Ford

      4.Take your friends on an open ocean cruise to the Antarctic — Professor Turnin

      5. Hire one of the largest yachts on the planet for a party – Leonardo de Caprio

      6.Fly around the world 1st class telling veryone not to do the above- Leonardo de Caprio.

  • Frederick Colbourne

    Best thing I have heard all week. Made my day. Thanks.

  • Robert Wagner

    “Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) Cruz is a proud denier
    of climate change science. When he ran for office in 2012, Cruz told
    reporters in Texas that global warming ceased in 1997. Earlier this
    year, in an interview with CNN, Cruz again questioned the science, claiming the “data are not supporting what the advocates are arguing.””

    Are those even debatable issues? To the best of my knowledge the “pause” in global warming is a well established fact. CO2 has increased from about 350 to 400 during a time period where temperatures remain unchanged. It appears to me that the media simply report on this issue without bothering to look up the facts and data that supports it. Sen Cruz is correct in his statements, the data simply doesn’t support the claims. Every 2nd grader learns the basic scientific method and simple regression analysis, Y=mX+b. CO2, the independent variable in this model has increased by almost 20% and it has had zero impact on temperatures. How is that a “scientific” model? It isn’t. Do basic analysis on ice core data and you will see 1) that there have been many warming and cooling periods 2) past warming periods were warmer than today 3) there was a medieval warming and little ice age, and temperatures were warmer in the past 12,000 years than they are today 4) The last 100 years of temperature variation is normal for the past 12,000 years other facts are 5) sea levels aren’t increasing at an increasing rate and 6) Many glaciers are shrinking due to factors other than warming. Mt Kilimanjaro’s glacier is at 19,340 ft, 5,000 ft above the freeze line.

  • Robert Wagner

    BTW, this is how money corrupts democracy:

    EXPOSED: How a shadowy network funded by foreign millions is making our household energy bills soar – for a low-carbon Britain

    Shadowy pro-green lobbyists working at every level of the Establishment
    Organisations are channelling tens of millions of pounds into green policies
    Elite lobby group linked to Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and the WWF
    Current energy policies shaped by the Green Blob will cost up to £400billion
    If continued, there will be further eye-watering energy bill rises for Britons

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2807849/EXPOSED-shadowy-network-funded-foreign-millions-making-household-energy-bills-soar-low-carbon-Britain.html#ixzz3HHW8OrHH

  • Piltdown Man

    Face it. Nobody with any brains believes in Global Warming anymore. And the Warmist have only themselves to blame. Every event, they pull a study out of theirass to blame it on AGW. Hot, cold, snow, no snow, rain or drought, Global Warming is the cause. Look at Katrina. That was a jackpot for them. Remember how study after study said we would have more frequent and more violent weather? 8 years later, let’s pull a study from the University of Uranus that shows AGW is PREVENTING storms.
    Nobody believes you guys. It’s over.

  • Connor Gibson

    hahaha wow I didn’t realize there was a listserve for trolls dedicated to posting climate denial on Lee Fang’s articles! Fascinating.

  • Cyrus Manz

    I have never read so much nonsense in a short essay in my life.
    Man made climate change (morphed from being called man made warming and because warming never came) has failed both as a scientific idea and a political agenda, so what’s the big deal? All climate fraudsters and their alarmist cohorts are criminally responsible for the loss and pilferage of billions of dollars worth of the taxpayers money having gone up the smoke stack of green energy and carbon trading scams.

  • Eleanor H.

    Drought in California, melting ice in the Arctic, record-breaking worldwide average temperatures — it is hard to understand the thinking of these climate change deniers. Climate change is happening and it won’t go away just because you fail to recognize it.

  • Dusty Koellhoffer

    The Left thinks anyone who doesn’t believe people cause global warming are crazy, which is just insane.

    Refuting global warming remains so easy it is elementary

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