March 12, 2014

Chevron Hires Yet Another Democratic Staffer

chevrontruckRepublic Report has obtained an e-mail from J.J. Ong, a senior Democratic staffer to the House Foreign Affairs Committee. On Monday, Ong announced that she is leaving the committee to take a job with the “international government affairs team at Chevron here in DC, where [Ong] will be managing their government relations work for the Asia Pacific region.”

Ong has worked for five years on the committee as a senior staffer to Reps. Eliot Engel and Howard Berman.

Chevron has a number of interests in Asia, including controversial investments in Myanmar and Indonesia.

As we have reported, Chevron has close ties to Capitol Hill. Last year, a former Chevron lobbyist became a senior staffer to the House Science Committee. shows that Chevron’s current lobby roster includes over 25 former congressional insiders, including former Rep. Jim McCrery.