November 7, 2014

Hungarian Gov Hires Former Congressman Connie Mack

Connie Mack
Connie Mack

On the heels of massive protests against a proposed Internet tax and an increasing crack down on ethnic minorities, the Hungarian government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban is looking for political support in Washington. And it’s no wonder why. Hungarian political leaders have been widely condemned for calling for a national list of Jews who may pose a “national security risk.” In recent months, the government has also faced criticism for development projects apparently designed to remove Roma (gypsy) communities from urban centers.

For a price, any regime can find Beltway support. Registration documents show that Connie Mack IV, the former Republican congressman from Florida, just signed a retainer for $60,000 a month to help Orban’s administration. Mack, notably, used his time in office to frequently decry anti-Semitism throughout the world.

The contract below outlines what $60,000 a month buys a racist government. The document describes a “networking strategy” with think tanks and members of Congress, along with help building a media outreach effort: