April 29, 2012

Whatever Happened To ALEC’s PR Campaign?

Ten days ago, the embattled American Legislative Exchange Council, the corporate front group better known as ALEC, launched a campaign to improve its public image in the wake of public outcry about its roll in drafting Stand Your Ground laws. The plan was to get conservative bloggers writing nice things about ALEC, an uptick of positive Tweets and Pinterest pins supporting the organization, and the launch of a new website, IStandWithALEC.com.

So far, the public hasn’t been convinced. Mostly because none of this has happened. A sample of Tweets labeled #ALEC are still overwhelmingly negative. Meanwhile, a Pinterest search for ALEC mostly reveals photos of actor Alec Baldwin. The website IStandWithALEC.com says “Under Construction.”

We called ALEC’s public relations department to ask about the state of the PR campaign. They didn’t respond.

  • Robert

    When you find yourself in a hole, the best thing to do is to stop digging.

  • Greed is insidious and cunning. Their announced plans to create a new website seeking support is simply a guise. Consider the amount of money this group of corrupt people have who could have constructed a website in mere minutes, and it’s just hanging there “under construction”. That’s what they want their opposition to believe as they diligently work in the shadows on some subversive project.

  • Republican bloggers for sale as well as trolls willing to do piecework. Any billionaires interested?

  • Avaritia

    Have no fear, just like SOPA, ALEC will be back under a different name and with a reinforced agenda or more destruction of everything that is humane and good.

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  • ALEC has taken a tactical retreat. It may even disappear. Thus is the nature of front groups once unmasked. The German-American Bund collapsed, but America First arose. The John Birch Society was rendered absurd, but the sons of the founders are a force today.
    I could take the argument back to the Know Nothings and the early anti-immigrant societies. The Klan, the anti-Chinese laws on the West Coast, the anti-Catholic and anti-Jewish forces in the big cities at the turn of the century all are seen today in the birthers, the border sealers, the dominionists and the misogynists.
    There are always the few who, accustomed to power, refuse to allow others a chance to take the reins. Their names will change, but not their desire to maintain control.