July 17, 2012

United Republic Searches For Citizen Reporter To Cover Money In Politics At 2012 Conventions

The 2008 Democratic National Convention. This year, United Republic will send one citizen to ask about corporate money in politics.

United Republic, which sponsors Republic Report, has partnered up with Link TV to send one citizen reporter to the 2012 Republican and Democratic national conventions in Tampa and Charlotte on August 29 and September 3. The chosen citizen reporter will be a volunteer who will report on the conventions through the lens of money in politics. He or she will receive training and technical support and will be featured as part of the national station’s political coverage.

The search will end on July 25, with the final announcement made August 3.

Would-be reporters have already started to submit videos on United Republic’s site. They include students, retirees, and working Americans from across the country, and they want to ask politicians about super PACs, money’s impact on democracy, and how to fix the problem of corporate money in politics.

“The public is tired of talking heads and uber-rich donors dictating what’s best for this country,” said United Republic CEO Josh Silver. “Real Americans know what we really need to do to solve the biggest problems facing us — and that’s get money out of politics. If citizens don’t raise these concerns to the two main parties, then no one will.”

  • Spectate Swamp

    I have been videoing political forums for years. Any put on by the Chamber of Commerce are corrupt. The only ones they couldn’t corrupt were those put on at Schools. The kids knew all the students and any outsider was quickly identified.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoWNdF_kUCA1 (2-Min 2-Sec) question posed by the CofC

    should the corporate vote be reinstated. 3 of the 4 elected councilors thought it should. This never made it in the local newspaper.

    This video they selected questions from the crowd and the tap tap indicated one that was immediately moved to the active pile. They claim that they were checking for duplicates. Yeah right. Always video any people handing in questions slips they are likely plants…

    I will be running in every election from now on. My back will be to the attendees and I will directly attack the forum organizers.

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