June 25, 2012

The Supreme Court Just Struck Down Montana’s Law Banning Corporate Political Spending

SCOTUSblog reports that in a 5-4 decision, the court decided to reverse the Montana Supreme Court’s ruling that the state’s ban on corporate money in political campaigns is constitutional. In essence, the Supreme Court just struck down Montana’s ban on corporate political spending, in a move that is sure to have dire consequences for the state’s democracy.

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  • Sagebrush

    It now appears the Supreme Court Of The United States is as sold out to the One Percent as the rest of the Federal Government of the United States.
    I’m reading the Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich again and am totally amazed how close today the U.S. is paralleling the rise of National Socialism in Germany in the late 20’s and early 30’s. In the twenty first century USA Rule of Law and True Justice are nonexistent for the Elite One Percent.  No one should be above the law but, the one percent have figured out a way around that.  Ignore the law, buy everyone involved with legislation, regulation, enforcement, and prosecution and ignore the law. Let the huddled masses scream and yell till their faces turn blue, have the Corporate MSM propaganda organs portray them as bums, hippies, and anarchists and keep turning the cops loose on them until they give it up and go home or, if they get too organized, brand them as terrorists turn the military loose on them and lock them up or kill them. It’s happened before in other countries but I never believed it would happen here.

    • Strawman411

      I read Mr. Shirer’s book too, back in the 60s when still an apple-cheeked lad. Rereading it is an excellent idea, thanks.

      Both dreading and expecting SCOTUS to rule as they did, I’ve been mulling Pyrrhic, even heretical thoughts, such as wishing for a Romney victory, i.e., inviting more of the same (presuming any new justice appointment[s] tilting the Court even further right).

      All this in expectation that such a court’s future decisions would be so over-the-top anti-democratic that a deciding plurality of the electorate would. finally. wake. up.

      I know, I know, (per my user name) I’m clutching at straws, but I am finally starting to believe that we have passed the tipping point, where rational, democratic principles are systemically, contemptuously relegated to the waste bin.

      • CatKinNY

        I sometimes entertain similar thoughts – let the GOP run everything into the ground, because it would be so much worse now that Americans have exhausted whatever cushions they had to absorb the shock, and surely, they’ll see the error of their ways when free market conservatism finally leaves a lot people they know personally hungry and cold. And then I remember two things: 1) that they were bleeding and angry in 2008, but have apparently forgotten who beat them up, and 2) that the Republicans would take the Social Security Trust Fund and hand it over to Wall Street, and no electoral house cleaning would be able to undo that – only a bloody revolution involving guillotines on Maiden Lane could. Of course, we may need to go there anyway.