March 9, 2012

Florida Governor Rick Scott Names Super-Lobbyist As State Attorney

Florida Governor Rick Scott Names Super-Lobbyist As State Attorney
Why is Rick Scott installing lobbyists into so many government positions?

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) has developed a reputation for being cozy with lobbyists, naming them to all sorts of different positions. In January, he even named a former lobbyist to Florida’s Secretary of State.

Yesterday, Scott named Peter Antonacci as the State Attorney for Palm Beach County, and he will serve until January 7th, 2013. Antonacci does have some history of public service. He is a former state Deputy Attorney General and Statewide Prosecutor. Yet as local blogger Bob Norman points out, he ended his life in government 15 years ago to become a super-lobbyist, representing all sorts of clients in the state’s legislature.

Here’s some (but not all) of Antonacci’s former clients:

– Fairmont Special Insurance Company: Antonacci was listed as a lobbyist for this New Hampshire-based company this year.

– Meadowbrook Insurance Group: Antonacci represented this Massachussetts-based insurer this year.

– The cities of Key West and Hollywood: Antonacci represented both of these Florida cities this year.

– Cash America International: This pawn loan provider got Antonacci’s representation in 2004

See the rest of Antonacci’s client history on the Florida legislature’s website. Given the fact that he has represented dozens of clients over the past fifteen years, many of them out-of-state corporations, one has to wonder if the interests of these private special interests will take precedence over those of the people of Florida.