April 6, 2012

Meet The ALEC Staffers Who Help Corporations Write Our Laws

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is the most powerful corporate front group you’ve never heard of. The group, sponsored by some of America’s largest corporations, writes legislation that tends to benefit its donors and ships these template bills to state legislatures for compliant lawmakers to pass. ALEC has pushed for legislation doing everything from attacking workers’ collective bargaining rights, to making it harder for low-income Americans to vote, to the Stand Your Ground law that could prevent justice in the Trayvon Martin case.

One of the reasons ALEC is able to do this is because it’s extremely secretive. ALEC does not openly brand the legislation it passes off to legislators, and its staff is mostly hidden from the public eye.
Until now. We dug into ALEC’s personnel to make a short profile of just some of the key Washington, D.C.-based ALEC staffers who help write the laws that pollute our communities, deny Americans access to health care, suppress our right to vote, and generally harm Americans. Their corporate-written bills may be secretly passed on to legislators, but these staffers can’t hide behind ALEC’s veil and avoid taking responsibility for the laws they produce and advance.
Ron Scheberle, ALEC’s Executive Director: Scheberle has been associated with ALEC for over 25 years, serving as a private sector member. He worked as a lobbyist for Verizon for 30 years, helping the telecom giant push its agenda nationwide. He started his own lobbying firm in 2003, and also is a senior consultant to another firm that represented Erik Prince’s notorious Blackwater at one point. Upset about ALEC’s corporate-written legislation? E-mail him at [email protected]





Todd Wynn, ALEC’s Energy, Environment, and Agriculture Task Force Director: Todd, who uses the photo to the left as his Twitter picture, came to oversee much of ALEC’s work to deny climate change and empower dirty fossil fuel energies after 3 years at the Cascade Policy Institute. On his LinkedIn page, he brags that he conducts “public policy research for state legislators across the country.” One of Wynn’s claims to activism fame is when he boasted that “global warming could be a net benefit for the planet in fact.” His twitter handle is @toddwynn.




Amy Kjose, ALEC Civil Justice Task Force Director:
Kjose, a graduate of Johns Hopkins University. Her Task Force is responsible for laws that make it more difficult for Americans to sue big corporations when they get hurt. You can let her know what you think of ALEC’s dirty work by tweeting at her at @AKjose.






John Stephenson, ALEC’s Director Of Communications & Technology Task Force: A graduate of Lafeyette College and Seton Hall University’s School of Law, Stephenson manages legislation that, among other things, kills off municipal public broadband systems that seek to compete with some of ALEC’s Big Telecom funders. His twitter handle is @stephenj05.





Caitlyn Korb, Director of External Relations for ALEC: A graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles and a former External Affairs staffer for the Cato Institute, Korb has been handling external affairs at ALEC’s D.C. office since this past November. Follow her on Twitter  at @caitlynkorb.






Rob Shrum, ALEC’s Director of Corporate & Non-Profit Relations: Shrum came to ALEC from Tax Foundation and holds a Master’s degree from George Washington University. Tasked with communicating with ALEC’s corporate benefactors, Shrum has a very colorful Twitter feed where he opines on sports and D.C. food trucks, among other topics. Working with America’s most powerful corporations likely colors his views. “Angry about inequality? Don’t blame the rich,” was the title of one op-ed he recently tweeted out. Follow him at @RobShrum.




Kaitlyn Buss, Director of Communications for ALEC: A graduate of Hillsdale College, Buss tackles ALEC’s communications strategy. After New York Times columnist Paul Krugman pointed out that ALEC had taken money from major private prison companies and advocated for their anti-liberty agenda, Buss issued a panicked press release attacking him. Her Twitter handle is @KaitlynBuss. You’ll find interesting links on her Twitter feed, including a “frank and fantastic” article that recommended that women spend extra money on domestic help and Botox and get plastic surgery because it’s a “must-have career tool for the workforce of the new millenium.”




Christine Harbin, Research Manager for ALEC’s Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force: On her LinkedIn page, Harbin notes that she was also a “2011-12 participant in [the] Koch Associate Program at Charles Koch Institute, a management training program.” Harbin maintains an active Twitter presence at @idiosynchrissy.





ALEC is accustomed to hiding its agenda and its legislation behind closed doors. At secretive conferences and over e-mail chains the public never sees, the organization allows its corporate donors to manufacture bills and then send them to be passed in state legislatures without the public ever knowing about their origin. But these ALEC staffers can’t hide who they are, and what they do for an organization that harms almost every area of American life.

UPDATE: For more on ALEC’s staff, the corporations who fund it, and the damaging legislation it puts out, check out ALECExposed.org.

  • Drink4health

    It sickens me that these people would take a job that destroys the very country that they call home. Don’t they realize they’re employers are hell bent on destroying our form of government? When big corporations reach their goal of annihilating our people, where will that leave them? They will be thrown out like yesterday’s trash, along with their families.

    • JavaCaliente

      Actually Todd loves this country more then you. He would stand up for your rights and liberties while you want to sell them down the river.

    • irregularfolk

      Why would big corporations want to annihilate you? They’d have no one to sell to if that was the case. And from your tone, it sounds like you want to annihilate ALEC, which isn’t very civilized. How does working with legislators to create model laws destroy our form of government? You realize that state legislators have about 1 staffer each and most state legislatures are part time, right?

      • maggy

        I elect legislators to listen to the people about laws, not kow tow to corporate interests.

      • Ccarter134

        Look scumbag, ALEC was created to eliminate the middle class. If you can’t see that you are beyond blind!

  • Ryan

    ALEC, the newest boogeyman to hype up.

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  • jovan1984

    ALEC is a threat to our freedom – no longer can we deny that.

    We must stop them and stop them NOW!

    • irregularfolk

      You’re an idiot.

      • maggy

        My four y.o. can call names too.

      • Ccarter134

        No, look in the closest mirror to find a real idiot!

    • JavaCaliente

      You’re ignorance is a threat to our freedom. Think for yourself and stop believing all the lies and hate.

      And just how would you plan to stop them?

      • maggy

        You are just calling names. Infantile. You people have been caught, and finally the media is actually taking notice. We have been at this for months. You are going down!

  • pathman25

    Sunshine is the best disinfectant. Exposing the psychopaths that dream up sickening legislation is a great start. They can no longer hide in corners dreaming their dreams of continuing subjugation without someone watching them. Bravo to the people who found this information.

    • Javacaliente

      Todd’s the most outspoken guy I know, especially without being obnoxious. “hide in corners”, you really don’t know the facts, yet you speak as tho you do. Way to spread spin and misinformation just like the left wing media machine.

      • maggy

        There is no left wing media machine. A right wing Fox News talk radio one for sure. They are ALL corporate profit driven, anti truth propaganda outlets.

      • Todd, your picture–oops, I mean Todd’s “friend”, his picture says it all–DOOOSH. Your “both sides do it” parting shot is noted, btw.

      • Ccarter134

        Left wing media machine? What the fuck are you talking about? Almost all the media is ate up with right wing rhetoric!

    • irregularfolk

      It’s not that hard. They search for their names on Twitter and LinkedIn. Crack squad of savvy personnel you got there.

  • This bunch reminds me of the Capitol crew from Hunger Games. They’d be right at home running Panem.. And their boss would make a perfect President Snow.

    • Bleebus5611

      Your reasoning is about as deep as that of a 13 year old, which is the target audience for the HUNGER GAMES.

  • Guest1

    Yes it is really terrifying that a group of educated and may I say attractive people with expertise in various public policy arenas came together to research and draft helpful legislation that no one HAS to use or implement…I just don’t know how to go on.

    • JavaCaliente

      I think its a smoke and mirrors act. Distract the sheep with a target. Divide and conquer. Lie, lie, lie, cheat, cheat, cheat, hate, hate, hate.

    • groovy joker

      That is what is so scary. These are kids, really – so very young – writing on topics they have no expertise on, no real life knowledge about, and no institutional knowledge of. I would not give a cent to this group to draft a state law. I would give my money to the local college first, and probably get better results from a group of students. I mean, really.

    • maggy

      Attractive? How is that relevant? Are you one too? LOL!

  • Get over it

    You realize that these bills that they draft don’t automatically become law, right? They still have to go through the same legislative process as any other bill. It’s like you’re “exposing” lawyers doing a mock trial on ObamaCare and acting like it doesn’t also have to go before the Supreme Court.

    Spend some time talking about the issues you have differences with and educate people to make their own judgements. Lazy, yellow journalism is all we get nowadays.

    • Veracity

      No, they don’t automatically become law, they have to be rubber-stamped by Congress first.

      You also assume that none of us actually research these issues. I do. And these bills end up passing (at least in the House) with blatantly partisan voting – overwhelming GOP Yeas and overwhelming Democrat Nays.

      There is plenty of yellow journalism out there, but that doesn’t mean that what ALEC is doing is right.

      • irregularfolk

        In the past 5 years, ALEC has had two Democrat public sector chairs. Rep. Dolores Mertz of Iowa and Sen. Steve Faris from Arkansas. And I’m not sure what you’re saying about being rubber stamped by Congress because they’re state laws and don’t go through Congress. You might not agree with ALEC’s policies, but they’re fairly open about how they do things. You should go to one of their conferences.

        • maggy

          Ummm those guys are not Democrats. The are beyond DINO or blue dog. Look at the list of legislators participating. It is over 95% GOP.

        • maggy

          Aee you a member? No wonder you are defending them. I do not vote for corporations. I vote for people to represent ME.

      • Get over it

        So your issue is with ALEC or Republicans who agree with their policies? Here’s an idea: let’s just silence Republicans and their ideas, aka democracy in the eyes of a liberal.

        News flash: if you “research these issues” you will find that most bills of substance in America pass on party lines. That’s because they are typically bills that follow different lines of political philosophy (conservative and progressive). If you want a bipartisan bill I suggest you draft a “let’s recognize the local high school football team for their national title” bill.

        • maggy

          No one wants to silence Republicans. But you want to silence Democrats, don’t you? You don’t want to hear ONE WORD about how corrupt your party is. Can’t blame you. I do not want corporations writing bills. End. Of . Story.

          • Get over it

            Both parties are corrupt, that’s why I’m an independent. I’m not a brainless zombie who takes directions from donkeys, elephants, websites, or pop culture. I have a personal political philosophy that I adhere to and don’t yell at one side for something and then make excuses for my team when they do the same thing.

            You think ALEC created a way for corporations to write bills? Are you serious? Anyone with the slightest hint of political savvy writes bills. This includes corporations, the chamber of commerce, teachers’ unions, AFL-CIO, environmentalists, farmers, plumbers, pro-immigration groups, anti-immigration groups, religious nuts, atheists, dog lovers, cat lovers, pro-immigration, anti-immigration, young, old, rich, poor. It’s called living in a democracy. But guess what, they all go through the legislative process. Would you also like to ban corporations from being able to meet with legislators? That is essentially what this argument boils down to. I personally don’t like the politics of AFL-CIO and probably hate any bill that they draft, but I think they have a right to do so.

            At the least, I certainly don’t create a website to show the personal information of private AFL-CIO employees and sit around with a bunch of other nut jobs who think it accomplishes anything.

          • “Both sides do it” “nobody made the Republican super-majorities pass ALEC legislation with little modification in 2010-11” “your mom”

            That’s all you’ve got?

          • Get over it

            And I think even the worst yellow journalist would admit that this isn’t exactly a fair portrayal of ALEC. Who needs fair though, just throw them to the angry mob on uneducated lemmings.

          • maggy

            There are literally thousands of us that have been on this for about a year now. You are just hearing about it. Do some research. There is a reason that so many states are taking up identical legislation at the same time. Think.

        • CatKinNY

          Well, based on what we’ve seen coming out of the GOP lately, the voters, led by women and Hispanics, will permanently silence the Republican party within a few years (outside of the Confederacy, of course).

      • In addition reporting on these bills is also being done by corporate media divisions so expensive reporters aren’t needed.

      • philipdennany

        Yes, it sure does take a lot of bribery $$$ to buy special interest votes on bills that otherwise would not even get to the floor for consideration

    • No but when republicans take over states they don’t bother writing bills themselves. In Wisconsin we have seen a shitload of Alec bills.

    • Janegrey

      why is it always “my way or the highway,” with you conservatives? there is no way to justify greedy behaviour of an insidious silent group of corporations that purchases legislation in their (the corporations) favour and no justification for greedy politicians — thereby usurping and drowing out the legitimate rights of the people of this fair country …

  • JavaCaliente

    I know Todd personally. He’s really an outstanding guy and this article is rubbish, a distortion of the truth. Glad I’m not gullible and fell for it. lol. Thank God.

    • The fact that he is your person friend means nothing in this context. Enjoy spending his money and sympathizing with him about us evil people who do not like starving for the benefit of the mega-rich, but don’t expect anyone else to sign on.

  • Rev

    Other than people with whom you disagree legally and professionally providing research to state legislatures, what, exactly, is the story supposed to be here?

  • irregularfolk

    At my company, I do work with the three major state legislator organizations: ALEC, NCSL and CSG. Each of them can be easily found on Google. NCSL and CSG both take corporate money as well, however, they do not allow corporations to sit at the table with state legislators to craft policy and model bills. They are very strict about that. However, they do allow corporations to sit directly behind state legislators and whisper in their ears when they want to them to interject about portion of a policy they don’t like. You’d never know that because they don’t put it on their websites. ALEC does, however, and to me, anyway, is 100% more transparent and honest about the way they do things.

    • Crash

      PR rep are you? What a pile of hogwash.

  • Verac1ty

    HELPFUL legislation?? Have you actually READ these laws? I have. I have bothered to look several up, watched their progress, and written to my Senators and Representative. If you have not done the same, don’t call them HELPFUL.

    Deregulating the EPA in the guise of creating jobs is not helpful.
    Pushing for Keystone XL when even TransCanada admits there will not be many jobs and it will be of NO help to American oil needs (since it’s going to the Gulf to be exported) is not helpful.
    Repealing the ACA – most especially when nobody has presented a viable alternative – is not helpful.
    A budget which alter Medicares beyond usefulness and gives yet more tax breaks to the 1% is not helpful.
    A JOBS Act which allows companies to delay fulfilling SEC regulations and gets rid of investor protections while creating no jobs is not helpful.

    We are not passing this legislation. Our politicians are passing them, despite vehement protests from a lot of citizens. We can address that in November, but there is nothing we the public can do to control this right now.

    • irregularfolk

      What you said about Keystone is laughably untrue. The State Department is the one that said that there wouldn’t be many jobs and with as much private sector job creation knowledge that they have, I wouldn’t put too much stock in it. They also don’t account for jobs that are generated as a result of the pipeline. The pipeline goes to the Gulf to our major refining sector to be dispersed throughout the various pipelines that leave Texas to go to the rest of the country. Why would we export oil when we still import almost half of the oil we currently use? It’s just common sense.

      • Steve H

        “Common sense”? Oil Corporations are into “private cents”. If you think that companies in control oil refinery and distribution channels would keep oil here when there is far more money to be made raising prices here and overseas by exporting the oil, then perhaps it’s time for a refresher in Economics 101 – “Supply and Demand.”

        • irregularfolk

          Where to begin with this genius’s conspiracy theory. Tell me which company or industry isn’t into “private cents”? Oil is a worldwide traded commodity so the price is the same if we’re talking about the same kind of crude no matter where you go. Texas sweet is Texas sweet. Brent is Brent. They have a value and that’s a worldwide value. So let’s visit supply and demand shall we? The US imports about 56% of its oil (give or take) so that means the domestically, we can produce 44% of what we need. Why would we be importing from Saudi Arabia if we could replace their cut of imports by increasing supply to Canada? That’s common sense. It’s more stable and much friendlier geopolitically. They’re our best friends. BFFs I’d even say.

          • comncents

            Check your facts. The fact is this crude WILL be exported and will not help the US.

          • redcapi

            You’re an idiot. Get the facts and then argue your points. Until then, STFU

          • Actually the US now produces more than half of our oil, we have increased drilling a lot over the past 6 years.

            What you’re saying is the oil industry isn’t using common sense by buying from the Saudis, they are using profit sense.

      • The Keystone XL Pipeline was originally proposed on February 9, 2005.

        On January 22, 2008, ConocoPhillips acquired a 50% stake in the project. However, on June 17, 2009, TransCanada agreed that they would buy out ConocoPhillips’ share in the project and revert to being the sole owner. It took TransCanada more than two years to acquire all the necessary state and federal permits for the pipeline. Construction took another two years. The pipeline became operational in June 2010. <=== Canadian portion only.

        The Keystone XL Pipeline is oil sands, extracted by fracking for the TransCanada Corporation. It's a Canadian oil company that will use the Keystone XL Pipeline to transport the oil to TX, where it will be refined and sold to China. None of the oil will be used or is for the United States. The refinery is already there, no new employees will be needed at the refinery with the additional oil being transported through the pipeline.

        On July 21, 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency said the draft environmental impact study for Keystone XL was inadequate and should be revised, indicating that the State Department's original report was "unduly narrow" because it did not fully look at oil spill response plans, safety issues and greenhouse gas concerns.

        Part of the problem is that the proposed U.S. northern portion of the pipeline was proposed to be built through the Sandhills region and Ogallala aquifer of Nebraska. Should a spill occur at that location, it would poison the water table for agriculture, wildlife, livestock, vegetation and humans. On November 22, 2011, the governor of Nebraska signed two bills that enacted a compromise agreed upon with the pipeline builder to move the route, and approved up to US$2 million in state funding for an environmental study, which would be money spent in the U.S. for oil that will not even be sold in the U.S.

        The temporary construction jobs created would be short term, approximately 4,000 people for about 6 months; once that portion of the pipeline is constructed, the jobs disappear.

        We have increased our domestic drilling already for the past 2 years, more drilling will not lower prices at the pump which are driven by Wall Street Speculation for the most part. Drilling is up, demand & consumption are down in the U.S.

        We buy the majority of our oil from Canada & Mexico; we also export oil to other countries since it's a global commodity, with much of our domestic oil going to China and India.

        • Since the price of oil goes up as refineries struggle to produce enough gas, the pipeline will probably cause prices in the US to increase.

      • GetReal

        “Why would we export oil when we still import almost half of the oil we currently use? It’s just common sense.” It’s not our oil, TransCanada has said that they plan to refine the oil in to diesel and export it to asia and europe. it won’t stay in america. Why would we kick people off of their land and destroy thousands of miles of natural american beauty so that a canadian company and only a select few americans can profit? it’s just common sense.

        • redcapi

          Exactly! Irregularfolk is an idiot. A true Fox loyal …and irregular indeed!

      • eyesopen

        According to the Brookings Institute, in 2010 petroleum and coal products accounted for a 6.4% share of American exports of manufactured goods. The dollar value of those exports was $50.9 billion and the growth rate in the segment was 12%. Much of these exports are refined petroleum products, and much of that is exported from ports on the Gulf of Mexico to China and India. When the Keystone XL pipeline reaches the Gulf, those exports will increase. That fact, along with Wall Street’s speculation on the petroleum market, goes a long way toward explaining the unintuitive fact that with petroleum supplies up and demand down, prices on the domestic market for refined products are increasing.


        Canadian tar sands oil is already being imported to the U.S. to refineries in the Midwest where it is refined for sale on the domestic market. However, it’s more convenient to export that refined product from the Gulf, hence the “need” for the Keystone XL pipeline.

      • Common sense, corporate style says…we sell oil to the most profitable market…period. If that market is in the US, we sell it in the US. If that market is China, you sell it in China. If you think that patriotism, or customer need, factor into that common sense, you need a better education in ‘corporate culture’.

      • And you have to note, the corporations importing and the ones exporting are different corporations. Oil is fungible. In other words, interchangeable. However, the sort of tax breaks, subsidies, and deals that individual corporations make that determine which is the most profitable place to sell their products is not.

      • It is not US oil, it belongs to Canada and they can sell it to the highest bidder — China, Brazil, India and the other developing countries that are driving up the cost of gasoline. We should put the Ogalala Aquafer, the biggest source of irrigation water in the country, at risk for them?

      • JLH

        The job prediction report was written by an industry hired corp to promote the job angle. Read the report out of Cornell University’s Global Labor Industry…a nonpartisan study. http://www.ilr.cornell.edu/globallaborinstitute/research/upload/GLI_KeystoneXL_Reportpdf.pdf We are exporting more gas, diesel, and heating oil now because the companies can sell it for more overseas, and we have a “surplus.” That is why the old supply and demand argument does not work in our country anymore. Too many global markets. Do a Google search. It is common knowledge.

        • Thank you, JHL, I’m going to share the link on my FB Page.

      • ….and you are laughably misinformed, the US is currently a net exporter of petroleum products. If the pipeline to the Gulf of Mexico, the refining capacity at the gulf ports and the current renovations of the Panama Canal isn’t proof enough the Keystone XL project is the missing link for the mass export of the Canadian Tar Sands Crude……well, THAT’S COMMON SENSE!!!

      • redcapi

        “Why would we export oil when we still import almost half of the oil we currently use?” Well, irregularfolk …we now know how you got your name. You are 100% wrong about the oil being refined in Texas and then sent throughout the US! But good job …that’s exactly where they (and Fox News) want you to be on the issue! Stupid! The oil is not ours to keep, as it belongs to the Canadian oil company and its going to the world market, and if we want to purchase it from there, we can at the world market price, which is much higher! It will be just as if it was imported from Saudi and it never traveled across our own soil …the ground and water it will destroy with spills. Further, the Canadian oil that currently reaches our northeast will be no more and instead, the northeast will be paying a higher price for what’s transported over Keystone. And the jobs? The Keystone folk had to admit in hearings that the jobs will be much less than what Fox wants to promote — around 6,000 and temporary, as are the jobs that will line the route as its being built.

      • CatKinNY

        Oil is sold on a global market, so it is impossible that this oil, or any other oil, will bring down prices in the US; that’s simply not the way the market works. What’s laughable is a right winger, who places all his faith in ‘markets’, yet couldn’t explain them if his life depended on it. Now think about what a pipeline is, and ask yourself how many jobs it will actually create. If you come up with an answer in excess of two hundred in discreet chunks for a two year period, you’re dreaming. Now, remind yourself that they all leak, and that the part that is in jeapordy is routed over the only source of water for great tracts of American agricultural land, and do the math. Ranchers and huge agribusiness producers are a fairly reliable right wing Republican group, and they don’t want this thing. Why not build a refinery up on the border? That would generate jobs, many of which would be permanent. Now THAT would be common sense.

      • Ccarter134

        Since when does common sense have anything to do with it? We are exporting oil now but the speculators are sending it elsewhere since they make more money that way. You sure don’t know much do you?

  • They look like a bunch of hedge fund rejects.

  • SamGarvin

    And who, exactly, funds you?? How transparent are you being? Hypocrites.

  • wafranklin

    ALEC is and has been financed by the Koch brothers, a bunch of other billionaires and lots of multinational corporations. It is part of an assault by the Republican extreme right to take over by imposing laws, like the “stand your ground” gun law which just cost one person his life
    and will cost many more. ALEC also writes laws to privatize and demolish public schools and divert money to vouchers, charters, etc.
    under the name of “school choice”. No law which fundamentally helps the lower classes will escape ALEC. Koch and others essentially pay
    for legislators to attend these corporate schmooz functions, usually wanting to demolish EPA, clean air, clearn water and any taxes
    on the 1%, who really do not care about the 99%, only their greed and gain. Wake up. ALEC has been up and around for decades and
    just got wads of money pumped into its nether parts to implement the Republican strategy of avoiding the national legislature but
    going into the states which have elected idiots and morons like Perry, Walker, etc. to inflict damage on the government — their theme
    song is all gummint is bad. Why is this picture of purchased, undue influence absolutely clear. The ALEC “draft” on voter suppression
    (photo voter ID) was passed and vetoed in NC – that single act is designed to wipe out over 5 million Democratic voters in the US.
    The Republican legislatures, paid for by Kochs, Popes, Luddys and lots of other people, dumped over 1800 bills into the hopper
    in 90 days. When questioned, the Republicans could NOT talk about most of the offered legislation. The attacks on women and
    their relations with their doctors was another common ALEC bill which got passed in lots of states.

    In other words, the Republicans are going into the states and using ALEC, sponsored by billionaires, to hollow out regulations
    and laws which afftect health, safety, education, etc., all to the detriment of the people, but it done so the people wake up
    and the coup has taken place. So stop the cutesy pie crap about ALEC. It is part of a scheme by the White Peoples’
    Party to take over completely, do in all social programs, eliminate all taxes and wipe out the lower classes. It is simply
    a continuation of the class warfare ongoing these past 50 years.

    • irregularfolk

      Wow… you’re really fired up over there. First off, it’s been proven time and time again that states that impose the evil policy of school choice see a vast improvement in student life and achievement. Whatever you’re reading about school choice is obviously written by a pro-teachers union organization that doesn’t want bad teachers to be held accountable for their terrible work. Secondly, ALEC has had two Democrat legislative chairpeople in the past 5 years so it’s far from all Republican. Third, voter ID just makes sure you and your ilk can’t be fraudulent and send in absentees for dead people. If getting an ID is preventing folks from voting at polling places, stop at the DMV on your way to the polling place. I think in a SC and a few other states, they’ve made it a lot easier to get a photo ID. Take some responsibility in your life to exercise your rights.

      Also, I’m curious to see these “attacks on women and their relations with their doctors was another common ALEC bill which got passed in lots of states”. What bill are you referring to? Or are you too busy hiding behind your computer screen?

      BTW… it’s not hard to go to their meetings. They’re well publicized and poorly secured. Go check it out for yourself and quit wetting your pants in your hovel.

  • Ledzeppelin

    Zaid Jilani was apparently fired by ThinkProgress after posting an anti-semitic remark. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/obama-linked-soros-sponsored-think-tank-accused-of-conjuring-toxic-anti-jewish-prejudices/

    He’s never written anything more than poorly researched political hit pieces.

    • I don’t find this to be poorly researched. Maybe you could point out the poorly researched parts so I could better understand.

  • jryberg

    Coke, Pepsi and just recently Kraft Foods, have left ALEC, and hooray for that! ALEC is by the rich, for the rich, and anti-middle class. I work against them, and against you who are not wealthy, but think ALEC is somehow good for you. It’s not.

    • Peary85

      Intuit has also left ALEC!

    • They are STILL BAD companies considering what they put in their food and drinks…High fructose corn syrup, and dyes-which are mae from petroleum…There are better options, but they still don’t care. IN other countries, they change their ingredients because other countries actually care about what is put in their food (the FDA should be ashamed)

  • pathman25

    Looks like the ALEC trolls have shown up. It was only a matter of time I guess.

    • irregularfolk

      It’s a lot easier to debate when the other guy doesn’t show, isn’t it? Or in this case, spread lies. But I don’t work there, I’m just familiar with them.

  • Wanna be a Koch-bot? The pay is great. All you need to do is hold your conscience in check.

  • Crash

    What a crew of yuppie sellouts! Their college degrees would be revoked in any sane society — though given the sad state of education of course instead these people are rewarded instead.

  • Bert Woodall

    These cute people are not the issue. The may even believe in what they’re doing. But cynical or saps, these hired hacks are scarcely the real problem.

    The legislative process in the US is thoroughly corrupted, the craven servant of metastasizing moneyed interest — THAT is the issue we face.

    ALEC may be amoral, or even immoral, but the real problem is elected “representatives” in every statehouse in the nation who suck up to the big money and introduce cookie-cutter legislation carefully crafted to hijack the democratic process and pervert government to further the simple goals of looting the nation and retarding social progress.

    ALEC’s defenders can rightly claim that this is a democracy and that it is only an instrument of the democratic process. The utter horror here is, they are correct. The fact that ALEC successfully retails voter registration laws, “economic emergency” and “right-to-work” laws carefully crafted to limit political participation may be irony in the extreme, but their tactics nonetheless are perfectly legal under existing laws. ALEC — through its hacks, it hired guns and its bought-and-sold legislators — is dismantling this great nation by employing–literally, employing–its own institutions against it.

  • LibertySlut

    Wow Todd is cute. I’d let him write legislation for me any time…

    • Todd, you–oops, sorry, sorry, I mean Todd’s “girlfriend”, Todd, he has issues. In fact, Todd might want to engage in some serious soul-searching, stat. Todd is feeling very insecure about something. Just, you know, let him know I said that. As a friend. You’ll let him know, right?

  • groovy joker

    How old are these kids?

  • Thisismyemail

    Wanna make corporate salaries? Just park your soul at the door and COME ON IN!

  • Norman Burke

    It’s nothing new. For the past 35 or more years, if anyone was astute enough to follow the money, they could see the volley of arguments in congress go from the Left to the Right and back and forth. As they did so, they, like magicians, always had some sort of “distraction” so they could divert the public’s eye off of the real issues. But in the end, 85-90% of the time, when the issue was voted on and “settled” in our congress, what were the results? Lo and behold, surprise, surprise, the vote came down on the side of the “Too Big To Fail” Corporations!! Why? It’s simple. They ALL take money from the same corporations! If anyone out there believes that there really is a left and a right, again, just follow the money. As I’ve said on previous posts, there are people behind the scenes, whose names “We The People” will probably never know, pulling the strings on our $3 Crack Whore congress critters. What do they have to gain by it? we’ll never know. Money? Power? World dominance? Why? Don’t they realize that their children and grandchildren will have to live and survive in the same world that they create for the rest of us?

    • SeattleGuy

      It starts with the “smaller government” mantra, norm. Whenever I hear this, I immediately know I am dealing with a shill for big corporations, period. The United States Federal Government is “we the people” and we all need to watch out for signs that our duly elected representatives are abdicating their responsibility by working for corporate interests when they conflict with individual liberties. For example, signing a No-taxes-never-ever” agreement for a lobbyist who is paid by the 1% is NOT patriotism; it’s treason. Until and unless our government start focusing on the best interests of the middle class, we will never return to greatness as a nation.

  • Norman Burke

    If anyone thinks that we are the Representative, Democratic Republic that our forefathers envisioned over 200 years ago, think again. We went to school and learned about the three branches of government, Executive, Legislative & the Judicial. They were to create a “balance of power”. Where one branch could not run out of control without the approval of the other two. We now have a Fourth branch. It is the Corporate branch. And….They OWN the other three. No more balance of power. Don’t believe me? Again, follow the money. Who dictates our national energy policy? The oil/gas/coal industries. Who dictates our national monetary policies? Wall St, the Banksters, (might as well have a mask & a gun) and the Federal Reserve, (which is neither federal nor a reserve) Who formulates the health care system in this country? The insurance and pharmaceutical companies whose lobbyists write the too long to read bills. Our food supply, distribution and pricing? Big Agri-business, (and I hate to use these words, manufacture and control about 70% of our food supply) And the biggest of them all, Who dictates America’s National Foreign Policy? Not the President, Not the Congress or Courts. Our National Foreign Policy is dictated by The Military Industrial Complex. War IS Big Business! As long as they have our Congress Critters by the short hairs, We as a Nation WILL be at WAR, somewhere in the World FOREVER!! We are no longer The United States of America. We are The Corporate States of America. (Or possibly the Corp States of the World) Remember, it’s the Golden Rule. Them’s That’s Got The GOLD, Makes The Rules.

  • The black ops for the privatization of government helping create the new plutocracy and banana republic America. I’m sure they feel absolutely wonderful about themselves and their prospects. Ayn Rand is smiling down from narcissus heaven.

    • alwaysthink

      So is Paul Weyrich.

      When Papa Koch funded Paul Weyrich and friends they came up with the following:

      The Integration of Theory and Practice: A Program for the New Traditionalist Movement was an American conservative political activism call to action published in 2001 by the Free Congress Foundation. It was written by Eric Heubeck with guidance from Free Congress Foundation founder Paul Weyrich. It urges conservatives to reassess their position in American society and to consolidate their position by focusing on building conservative institutions with the goal of “taking over political structures.” Heubeck makes a number of pragmatic arguments, such as “Good Results More Important than Good Intentions.”

      To better understand Conservative actions consider this: “Our movement will be entirely destructive, and entirely constructive. We will not try to reform the existing institutions. We only intend to weaken them, and eventually destroy them. We will endeavor to knock our opponents off-balance and unsettle them at every opportunity. All of our constructive energies will be dedicated to the creation of our own institutions…”

      You can read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Integration_of_Theory_and_Practice

    • Ah, but Ayn Rand was an “activist” atheist, as were her followers. It is abundantly clear that the role of fanatic religions in politics today is cynically created to use them in getting even more of our money. If we turn our horror-stricken eyes from the machinations of the ALEC companies and their allies, we see that the sector that has benefited second-most from stealing wealth from the country and its people is the churches–particularly evangelical and catholic, which are now openly joining together and with the radical right to drain any remaining wealth from America and its people.

  • l022846

    they need to public a list of supporters so we can boycot all of them

  • alwaysthink

    I’ll be impressed when ATT, Verizon, Comcast, and Time Warner drop support. Wonder why you monthly communications bill is so high? Thank ALEC. Not only do they want to make huge profits, they want to control what we see and hear. They are fighting the fight against Internet Freedom and making sure only the well to do have access.

  • Mickey Corsi

    If you’re going this far then you should post their contact number and place of work so we can let them know personally how much we appreciate their work.

  • 007

    Sell your Soul for a buck, I hope Hell has a real special place for these bastards that sell out millions of people daily

  • America..bought and sold like toilet paper

    • Angel Soft and Quilted Northern. Don’t forget it.

  • If you go to alec.org and look in the *about* column you will find Senators and Representatives who are members. Write them and tell them what you think!

  • allanbrauer

    Thank you, Zaid, for compiling this. You and I have had our differences, but this is good work I can heartily endorse. Keep it up.

  • allanbrauer

    I wonder which of these sociopaths is posting here as “irregularfolk”.

  • What ??? No Blacks or Hispanics ??? Really ??? Who’d a thunk it ???

  • AT&T is also a supporter of ALEC!

  • Trash.

  • Chocolatenez

    Is any of this real? It’s so hateful.

  • I just wonder how proud their parents are of them, or, just like them? Just a thought.

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  • ChainUp

    Cockroaches scatter when you shine the light on them.

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  • Is this a list of people that will be burning in h*ll, when we find them guilty before GOD. 😀 You are guilty and h*ll is an eternity.

  • So many of them are traitors to their gender….maybe I sould have said that they are all traitors to their gneders and the US! Anti-American scum!

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