March 26, 2012

Time For Businesses Behind ‘Shoot First’ Law To Take Responsibility, Quit ALEC – Republic Report Joins Coalition Effort Challenging Corporations

The story of Trayvon Martin is, first and foremost, a tragedy for his family, and our hearts go out to them.  It’s also about things that need to change, including how powerful interests use their superior resources to distort the processes of government — in this case a well-funded private group, fueled by donations from big corporations: the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC.

We want to know why major U.S. corporations support ALEC, which, working with the National Rifle Association, helped write and promote around the country the law that might allow Trayvon Martin’s killer to go free. So Republic Report, along with Color of Change, the Center for Media and Democracy, and Van Jones’ organization, Rebuild the Dream, just sent those companies a letter asking them to stop supporting and financing ALEC.

Please sign the petition to the right and join this effort. 

Many people believe that the large amounts of money that ALEC pours into state legislation hurt ordinary Americans on economic issues like workers rights, health, consumer protection, and the environment.  People also are concerned about the effect on our democracy of ALEC’s expensive amplifiers drowning out other voices in the debate. But you might also wonder why ALEC is dominating state legislative battles on issues like the right to vote and the use of lethal weapons. And although many of you won’t be surprised that Koch Industries supports ALEC, you might ask why so many other major U.S. corporations like Wal-Mart, Kraft, AT&T, UPS, ExxonMobil, and State Farm sit on ALEC’s Private Enterprise Board, and help fund these controversial efforts.

Below is the letter we sent to the 20 corporations on ALEC’s board.  You can join this effort and make your voice heard by signing the petition above.

United Republic  3333 14th Street NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC  20010

March 26, 2012

Dear Members of the American Legislative Exchange Council Private Enterprise Board:

In 2005, the American Legislative Exchange Council adopted a model bill that was almost identical to Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law enacted earlier that year. The Florida legislators who introduced that act, Sen. Durell Peaden and Rep. Dennis Baxley, were, like your companies, members of ALEC.

That Florida law has allowed George Zimmerman to avoid arrest for killing Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old boy, and it could make it easier for Zimmerman to avoid prosecution. As you know, Trayvon Martin, who was unarmed, was shot while returning from buying a snack.

ALEC has made this bill a priority, and numerous ALEC-affiliated state legislators have pushed it.  These laws have been adopted in at least twenty more states.

ALEC has long been a central force behind state laws that harm the health and safety of Americans. Last year, it emerged that in 2009 ALEC had endorsed the model for state “Voter ID” laws, which make it harder for low-income people, communities of color, young people, the disabled and elderly, and others to vote, and ALEC legislators have sponsored those bills in numerous states.  And now we know that ALEC backed the law that could let Trayvon Martin’s killer walk free, the same law that risks more tragedies in the other states.

We call on your companies to stop supporting ALEC’s reckless agenda, which harms the communities in which you do business.

On behalf of our organizations and members, we ask that you formally and publicly end your affiliation with, and your financial support for, the American Legislative Exchange Council, out of respect for Trayvon Martin and his family, and in the interest of making our country less violent and more united.

Please respond by contacting Suzanne Merkelson of United Republic at 202 / 299-0911, [email protected], or the above mailing address.  If we don’t hear from you soon, we will follow up. Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.


Van Jones, co-founder, Rebuild the Dream

Rashad Robinson, Executive Director,

Lisa Graves, Executive Director, Center for Media and Democracy

Lee Fang, David Halperin, Zaid Jilani, Suzanne Merkelson, Matt Stoller

Editors, Republic Report, a Project of United Republic

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  • think twice

    please review denninger’s post on this issue and the corresponding documentation…you have now become the judge? based on

    interesting to see this site which is relatively new and what causes it champions…

    • Alan Lunn

      This isn’t about judging cases. Those things are done by judges and juries. But in our present-day system of private money buying influence and political favors, we have a system of bribery that should be illegal. That goes for people who favor either ideology who should be concerned about the corrupting nature of privatized government. For instance, Tea Partiers are concerned about the letter of the Constitution being followed. The Constitution sets up a government of, by, and for the people. That is ALL the people, not just a few corporate heads. And it may be that many of these companies aren’t really sure about what they’re buying. But if they’re going to buy legislation, they need to know that we aren’t going to buy their products, no matter which party they may favor. For them, anyway, ideology is less important than having their palms greased by the government. When politicians are passing you massive favors, you don’t care which party they’re in. It’s all about the buck.

    • Judojoe2007


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  • Drumdave

    Very nice work!!! Thank you so much for exposing this and the other travesties of justice!

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  • Robin Mines

    Thank you for keeping me in the know. This is crucial info and the public needs to be aware of where their money is going and what it is supporting.

  • Pduncan2000

    Thank you so much for all your hard work…!

  • Thank you for what you have done. Please post a letter we can get friends to sign, or email addresses we can write to individually. Rush’s problems show that blizzards of emails get attention.

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  • What makes me sick is that listening to the 911 tape at :53 you hear the female witness say “I hear gun shot” then as you hear Trayvon Martin sream in pain and hollaring for help at 1:53 you hear a second shot and then silence. This was clearly cold blooded murder, because when you hear the first shot it’s at a distant but you can hear it. This child was running and was shot, on the ground near the home where the caller is talking with 911 it is clear this child is then near by and the second shot was to silence him. This tape is very clear just listen carefully. Zimmerman killed this child after he wounded him to shut him up so that there is only one side of the story. What is so upsetting is that no one in the media is touching this. Why two gun fire? Shooting once should have done it to stop anyone even if he is just wounded but to shoot twice is to kill.

    • Judojoe2007

      i think you are confirming guilt simply by listening to a 911 tape. i am 63 yrs old an served in the navy, believe me , in times of extreme fear and terror i have heard true men, big men,tough men, shrill like a little girl. what are you going to say if , when the special prosecutor finishes her investigation, voice analysis determines it was Zimmerman voice?

  • correction on second shot is at 1:11 on tape to 911.

  • Notesto1

    Now it is time to provide us with a petition that we can sign and send to a list of involveds corporations and tell them “enough is enough !”

  • Carmen

    Thank you for bringing attention to the secretive ALEC and all of the injustice they are causing.

  • Steve

    It sound like there is a Good Old Boy Network down in Sanford, Fla Police Dept. Justice has not been served.

  • Greg Knell

    I’d like to know who is behind the effort to discredit Trayvon. I am a 3 term school board trustee and release of confidential student discipline records is illegal. I believe it’s fabricated or rumor. Trayvon’s body was drug tested and we all know Marijuana tests positive for 2 weeks after use. Yet he was clean. So who is claiming he was a drug user and for what motive?

  • Notesto1

    Greg , inless I’m very mistaken , he was not accused of using drugs , he was suspended for having drugs in his possession on school grounds. In addition, if that is the case the whole class and perhaps the whole sc hool was probably aware of the issue and I personally see no conspiracy here.

    • DontdrinkKochTea

      He was in possession of an empty baggie with some green residue and 12 pieces of jewelery. The baggie was not tested. His blood work showed no drugs. I know somebody who *really* would know that told me a long time ago that pot usage can be detected for 30 days in a person’s system.

  • Daledshuffler

    I,m 72 year old white guy and I wear ahoodie. I feel we are headed for a civil war as everyone gets a gun .
    there will not be a North and South . It will be all against anyone they FEEL is a problem.

    • Mwarren Warren

      Oh, how I feel you are so right! I have been thinking revolution, and cannot help but think what a bloodbath it would be with so many people with guns. I mourn the loss of our Country. We do not have a Democracy, it is gone!

      • Distresing

        I have a more than passing familiarity with weapons but don’t currently own any guns. Not any philosophical opposition to gun ownership but because, like any tool, if I don’t have a use for it, I have no use for it. But as irrational as it is, I have given thought to purchasing (and, of course, registering) a self-defense shotgun because I grow increasingly frightened by the public tenor of those who fervently promote gun ownership. Contrary to their idea that they’ll somehow need to and, laughably, be able to defend themselves if their government turns against them, I’m worried I’ll need it to defend myself from them when they come calling in their conspiracy fueled hysteria. Its not likely that I’ll do it but the thought occurs. This is the sort of unease they’re fomenting even in someone who understands his own illogical train of thought. The idea that one of my neighbors has so bought into this frontier fantasy that he/she may decide that its defensible to take the law into their own hands over some imagined threat may seem far fetched but living in an area where people proudly send out emails of themselves posing with their assault weapons with captions indicating they’d relish the chance to use them makes me queasy. This is the part of all this that I hate the most; even slightly buying into their irrationality.

        • Judojoe2007

          I agree in your philosophy. If ” THE GOVERNMENT ” decides to declare martial law there would be nothing the average citizen could do about it even these militia groups who train so seriously wouldn’t have a chance. The might and technological power that ” THE GOVERNMENT ” has at its disposal can’t be defended by WHOLE COUNTRIES let alone some deluded warrior with a few guns. People spend their whole lives preparing for some kind of disaster, that’s no way to enjoy life.
          My point is this. It’s okay to be prepared for an emergency and have a plan but not to spend all of your waking moments and treasure afraid and apprehensive. By the way, I have a concealed carry license. I do carry a S&W 38 because if the time ever comes, and I pray it does not,when I need a gun, at least I will have one.
          In the Zimmerman Martin case I think Zimmerman is culpable. You should NEVER instigate a situation where you might find the need to use deadly force. When Martin saw that Zimmerman was armed ,in their struggle, he had no choice but to try and gain control of the weapon, likewise, Zimmerman had to maintain control but he put himself there even if he was returning to his vehicle and was assaulted. Nuff’ said. BOOK IM DANNO!


  • ThePinerEnterpriseLLC

    It’s time to fire ALEC, their time is up….

  • Celeste

    Thank you so much to Republic Report and the other organizations that did the hard work of investigating who (ALEC and the corporations comprising their Board) was behind the crime. These kinds of things don’t just happen. They are bought and paid for. Kudos to Republic Report for “following the money.”

  • jimmy mac

    This is unbelievable in the USA, this is not Syria, or Somalia. This cow boy gun mentality must be stopped.

  • Nice try, but I don’t think they’ll listen. ALEC exists so large corporations can secretly draft laws and push them through state legislatures. This isn’t like the Rush Limbaugh protest, where advertisers can just pull out because they’d rather be elsewhere; ALEC is their lobbying arm and their bread and butter. They’ll just argue that if they did influence Stand Your Ground, it isn’t relevant to the case.

    What you are doing is making more people aware of a powerful organization that very few know about, and hopefully that will influence the discussion on their (unearned) nonprofit status.

  • Rruss

    Now that corporations have constitutional rights, and persons under the Constitution have a right to use lethal force against those who threaten them, and the right to bear arms is protected to Militias, how far are we from corporate militias protecting their rights. In that case, what happens to the rights of the rest of us under the Constitution?

    • DontdrinkKochTea

      ALEC and these other organizations need to be known by the rest of the People. Unless this Country wakes up soon and Protects and Defends America against our Domestic Enemies, they will prevail and we can kiss our Democratic Republic good-bye. I’m not being paranoid…just realistic. The ballot box is our weapon starting this Fall and into 2016. If need be, lock and load….it’s on.

      • Judojoe2007

        We lost control of our country when Kennedy was assassinated, just follow the money.

    • Judojoe2007

      It has already happened. You are a” Corporate Slave “. You just don’t know it.

  • 4babs1

    Some of you may not have heard of ALEC before. I have and I have been following news about The American Legisltive Exchange Council for some time now.

    I wonder how many of you are aware of the fact that ALEC is imbedded into a number of our State Legislatures. In my opinion, it is time for Americans to get rolling with petitions asking our State Legislatures to pull out of their membership.

    This appears to be Big Oil and the Koch Brothers. They have been working at taking over our State Governments and Federal Government for quite a many years. It does make some of us wonder exactly what their ideas are all about.

    For Example, the loose gun laws in America. They seem to want a vast majority of people in this country to have guns. I can understand this to a point, but it becomes very dangerous when you are putting the guns in hands of those with criminal records or people that have serious mental health issues. I do not feel comfortable with all of these guns in hands of people that should not have them.

    All of us need to work together to get ALEC completely out of each and everyone of our State Legislatures. Anytime you see laws surfacing in your State, that seem to give an edge to Corporations with no or little regard for the people, you can almost bet that ALEC has a hand in it.
    It is my belief that ALEC is behind what appears to be the upcoming destruction of the Healthcare Bill that is designed to help so many people. Justices Thomas and Scalia and House Speaker John Boehner have attended some of the Koch Brothers Conferences. In my opinion, it appears that ALEC, The Koch Brothers, and all of their wealthy friends are very close to taking over our Democracy!

    We must get the big money out of politics soon!!!!

    • Hangdogit

      Rachel Maddow has discussed ALEC in detail. ALEC is behind, not only nutty gun bills, but for example the extreme anti-choice laws already passed by state legislatures or being debated. All this disregards completely what citizens want. Thus ALEC is, literally, a threat to democracy. Time for action!

      • DontdrinkKochTea

        We can’t forget the the voter laws. We are being bombarded with ALEC legislation and it seems to be accelerating. Koch finances 4 think tank institutes aimed at dismantling *our* Rights to benefit their realm. When is having enough not good enough. *Greed* for even more power and money. Their interests are not in *our* best interests. This is treason IMO.

        We pay our public servants to work for us. That would mean *not* allowing ALEC to do their work for us….allowing Koch and friends to have their way with us. The Florida/NRA/ALEC law must be amended or repealed. It is too lenient.

        I’ve seen a revolution coming from just from the Koch’s onslaught. This Trayvon Martin tragedy may be the last straw.

    • Thom G

      They already have taken over our democracy…they’ve even bought the supreme court.

      • Judojoe2007

        Like the famous Johny Cochran said and I quote ” The color of justice in America is not black or white. It is green”

    • Hilltop4080

      Want to know which of your state legislators are members of ALEC? Go to You will also discover the other awful truths of ALEC.

    • sane american

      this should be the mammoth effort for every single elected official in the country and we can rejuvenate this stagnant democracy of ours without any revolution…peace to all

    • Rdr3019

      President Obama armed the mexican drug cartels with the help of his ATF flunky, then lied to American public when exposed as to the true intent of this government operation, neither political party is worth a piss today, all, bought and paid for.

  • Ed

    I thought we had made progress in this country over the past 50 years. After serving in the military for 35 years supporting this country, I am ashamed to say I am an American! The interest groups with big dollars have taken freedom away from the people who fought for this freedom. Maybe we need to take the fight to the true enemy of freedom, rich self serving interest groups. This country was built on honor. That honor has been corrupted in recent years. It is time to “lock and load” again and regain freedom for the sake of regaining freedom in America.

  • Why is it that no one has paid any attention to the police report? The one that makes it quite clear Martin attacked Zimmerman, and if it doesn’t entirely justify the shooting, at least it clarifies that Zimmerman wasn’t just out hunting unarmed teenagers for fun, despite what the internet lynch mobs would have us believe?

    • Bob

      That’s Zimmerman’s side of the story. Clearly we can’t get the other side. What we do know is he followed him in his SUV and ignored the police when they told him not to follow him they would investigate. He confronted an unarmed child and shot him twice.

      • Judojoe2007

        He ( Zimmerman ) did not ignore police. The dispatcher, who has no police powers, asked him not to follow to which Zimmerman replied ” OK ” which on face value implies Zimmerman stopped following Trayvon. The ball is in your court, sir.

    • What Joshua said. Let cooler heads and due process be served. It seems to me that someone is dead, tragically, and that the mobs at hand insist that “someone must pay”. One witness swears it is Zimmerman screaming for help. The only eyewitness says it was Martin on top of Zimmerman, hitting him. Stand your ground law or no, if someone’s being attacked, they have the right to defend themselves. The evidence shows that. Unless some other evidence magically appears, how could you charge the guy? If he was attacked, as the evidence shows, I, myself, am glad he survived the attack instead of becoming just another victim. Imagine the headline had he not defended himself, “Teenage student attacks and kills neighborhood watch victim.”

      • Oh yeah, and ALEC does most certainly suck!

        • Arnie Polikoff2

          I thought that hunting African Americans was outlawed in the 1960’s.

      • Jbate

        Michael, perhaps you and Joshua are missing the point that, even if Trevon attacked Zimmerman, he did so AFTER Zimmerman, a man armed with a gun, chose to follow (stalk) Trevon. Even if a small-statured teenager decided to turn on and attack someone who outweighed him by 100 lbs, who had been FOLLOWING him, he should be the one considered to have “stood his ground.” I am ashamed that, as a Floridian, I did not know of this law. As a mother, I would hope my own child would do whatever necessary to defend himself (preferably run away) from a large stranger who might be following/stalking him for unknown reasons.

  • Balm

    Thank you for all your efforts. I am extremely concerned about what is happening in this country. ALEC, the Koch brothers, and other groups are literally dictating the states’ legislative agendas to pass their extreme conservative views. They have made huge efforts to work on the state level ever since Obama was elected and they continue to put all their efforts on this level b/c they know that the GOP presidential candidates are all losers. They are working on many fronts to undo the progress that has been made in the last 40 years in civil rights, education, voter rights, women’s rights, health care, environmental issues, etc. They’ve partnered with the NRA to arm every nut case who wants a gun and enact these “stand your ground” laws. They want to dictate their religion and morality to all and they have enough money to make it all happen as we are seeing now. Perhaps Trayvon’s death will help awaken Americans to ALEC’s hidden agenda. Only one thing will work-hit them in the pocketbook. But I’m afraid that’s almost impossible. How can you fight Exxon-mobil or the Koch brothers? This country has already been bought lock, stock, and barrel and from right under our noses. I don’t even think the 99% can undo this. These people have more money than God and they want to keep it that way.

    • Jenell Scherbel

      Well, some of the police, including the lead cop on the scene, have now stepped up to deny original trust in Zimmerman’s story, so . . . . seems as if it is still up in the air. So much for “police reports.”

    • Let’s add the DeVos family to the mix. And add Academi – Erik Prince to the mix. Prince’s sister married the son of the co-founder of Amway, Edgar Devos – now we have the joining of two billionaire families, like the days of King Arthur, et al. Both families are very conservative and religious – parallels the Kochs. Prince made an additional billion dollars (your tax money) duriing the criminal regime of bush/cheney, as the non-military army in Iraq. Google the many faces of both families.

      The only way we can work against the ALEC interests is to get out the vote. We’ll be hearing more lies, more often and their money affords the best marketers. That’s how the tparty was elected – on campaign lies. Unfortunately, the catholic church appears to have sided with the repub/tparty, but then their history is one of siding with the rich and powerful; add their racism to the mix and there’s a mix of notoriety.

  • Jake

    I worked at UPS for a couple years in my early twenties. Lots of shady stuff goes on in their “hubs.” UPS is probably a member from smuggling, though I can’t prove it.

  • Chatburn

    I am a 72 year old whit guy, and I had thought that this sort of thing went out with Martin Luther King ans the election of a Black man as President of these United States. What a sorry, very sorry state of affairs. What a sorry reflection on the Constitution.
    J. Douglass Chatburn, Lake Mary Florida.

    • Selectdee

      What a decent man you are sir. How did we allow “anyone” to Disrespect our President… Black or White. Is having no intelligence the fashion of the day now? If it is then it is UGLY! UGLY! UGLY!

  • Troycaradine


  • norepublican

    These laws are nothing more than an attempt to leaglize the lynch mob mentality.The Paramilitary groups aka BLACKWATER are being given the means for an armed coup-de.what happens if some one disagreees with your religious or political views and it becomes a heated exchange do I pull a gun and shoot to get my way? This is not how we as Americans should behave or feel we can behave,if the people pushing these laws are scared,then you should buy a BIG DOG!!! Stop this we are destroying the IDEAS of FREEDOM AND AMERICA>

  • manure33

    So if you are tired of the outrageous lies the media allows from both sides of the aisle sign my petition :!/petition/encourage-fcc-demand-strict-adherence-truth-advertising-rules-they-apply-political-ads/V0dp7BhT

  • Suckbananas

    I feel threatened by George Zimmerman and rich criminal bankers: can I shoot them dead in Florida?

    • Judojoe2007

      NO, but what you wrote could be considered a ” Terrorist Threat “. I wonder if any Infraguard or Homeland Security agents peruse this blog.

    • Selectdee

      Wow!! What a concept. That law is enacted in approx 23 different states.

  • Lhenry

    ALEC’s motives are absolutely despicable – they are on a mission to divide people along racial, economic, and political lines! It’s a group of VERY wealthy individuals who are spending their money and time passing laws such as the “Stand your ground” law.
    They are behind the voter ID laws that have already passed in many states which prevent minorities, the elderly, and young students from voting by making it difficult to vote.
    If the NRA, the Koch brothers, the oil industry, and ALEC have their way, our country will no longer be a republic or a democracy. They will be (if they aren’t already) in the driver’s seat and we will be along for the ride – a ride through very ugly territory not forseen by our founding fathers!

  • Judeye

    I just wrote a letter to the my paper on this very same issue!!! I would love to share it with you if you would like to read it. I live in a very rural part of western New York. I am sure many here have NO idea of ALEC and how it is taking our democracy away with their “model laws”…which of course have been bought and paid for by corporations! How can I share my letter…not much from a senior….who is greatly concerned about our future for all of us….including my little grand children.

  • Russ

    Our government thinks what is going on in all these foreign countries, and think it’s wrong,which it is, but the way the Wall Street protesters were treated here was ok????

  • Royce20

    Thank you for your efforts to get this message out. I hope that you are also sending this message to the “Lame Stream” media.

  • Carol Senske

    Please hear me! I’m a 67 year old female, white, middle class, retired, and own and wear five (5) hoodies!!!! I am not a hoodlum. Give me my country back – the country where we were neighbors, were able to admit and apologize for mistakes, were desirous of helping others and lending a hand without regard to race, religion, gender, orientation. Where did that country go?

    • Jan B.

      Except for my age (66) I could be Carol. In every other aspect of her description, I am identical. Where did our country go? It was bought by ALEC, the NRA, Koch brothers, and other extremely wealthy individuals, and it happened right under our noses. We have to find the courage of our forefathers, who got out from under British tyranny, and stand up to power and to greed and to the faceless corporations who have perverted the constitutional republic they left for us.

    • Dkurtzweil

      If corporate money can buy our government, then we have stop giving these companies money – boycott their businesses and the products they make.

      • Selectdee

        I agree, no matter how cheap they sell their product, we ought to decide to live without it and let them know we will no longer support their “Low Down Scum of the Earth” ways. Only one thing will get their attention… MONEY. Lets talk their talk and shop local.

  • Nicholasperrone

    Saw the Anderson Cooper CNN 360 report tonight with video of the police bringing Zimmerman in. No bloody nose or marks on the back of his head. He should be indicted for murder. His story is not credible for multiple reasons. The Feds should act quickly and let the South know that lynching will not be tolerated again under any mode.

  • Eisenberg Zak

    yes i’m fearful that there are alot of company’s that contribute to this type of violence , in a back seat manner like these guys, and it is people like us that keep this out in to the for front,to let them know that this is not what we want in our society.this is not ok. keep e-mailing this is a very good start, we need to get better.

  • Linda Snyder

    I feel that a Grand Jury should be convened to fully investigate what happened. From the facts that I have heard I feel Zimmerman should be charged with murder. I am surprised he has not yet been arrested.

  • Tony Begg

    ALEC are responsible for a recent increase in the prison population, helping draft legislation to criminalize drug possession and undocumented workers. This is because the are also working to privatize prisons. They are working hard to destroy public education so again they can privatize schools. So corporations end up in receipt of our tax dollars, and their only constituency are their shareholders. In a just world ALEC would become a banned organization, since they seek to subvert our democracy.

  • oneofyourexshareholders

    The reasons for your support of ALEC, who brought us the 17 State Laws regarding “Freedom from Prosecution for Stalkers’ Laws” like the “No Retreat Law” in Florida are a blot on your image. The Florida law, written by ALEC, has allowed a man with a gun to walk away from a child he killed without even a gunshot residue check by law enforcement.

    Not only do these laws sully the image of our country around the world, but your support and lack of leadership in allowing them to draft these laws is irresponsible and our citizens will soon know which companies still support this partisan organization. ALEC created the legislation that has resulted in quadrupling the number of yearly deaths as a direct result of these laws allowing more citizens to feel they can roam freely and kill at will.

    For the 17 states whose citizens can never again feel safe from a man that can chase you into a corner, force you to fight, and then blow you away with a hidden gun is not something that any Corporation or Foundation would want to be aligned with.

    Continued legislation from ALEC can realistically return this country to the days of shootouts in the streets with no justice for any.

    Do you really want the American public to know you are aligned with a malignant entity such as ALEC?

    KOCH INDUSTRIES, AT&T, UPS, EXXON-MOBIL, WAL-MART, KRAFT and STATE FARM sit on ALEC’s private Enterprise Board.

    Does it make you proud?

    • Judojoe2007

      So, you are against people having the right to protect themselves from great bodily injury or death thru the use of a firearm,knife,club,missile or any other object that may cause bodily harm or death? You, my friend, are a true victim in the waiting. I hope, sincerely ,that the day never comes when you are screaming like a little girl ( anyone who has seen terror knows a grown man can sound like this) looking possible death in the face and you are thinking ” I WISH I HAD A GUN “.

      • DCinMia

        By your thinking everyone who can legally obtain a gun should carry one. Then we could reverse our progress toward a mature, civil society, and return to our old patterns of gun violence that frequently got out of control. Likewise, Iran should have nuclear weapons to defend itself from nuclear armed Israel and the United States. Then their neighbors should all have nuclear weapons, etc., etc.

        As a student of psychology for over 50 years, I see in your words an issue of fear of loss of manhood more than any actual fear of injury or death. So, you can let go of your fears and begin to interact with people in a more mature and rewarding way. Or, you can hold onto the hard shaft of your gun barrel so your “manhood” feels safe. It’s your choice.

        • Judojoe2007

          I am 63yrs old and a veteran of the Vietnam War. There is no question in my mind about the steeliness of my shaft and testicles. They both have been tested and they have proven themselves. Your penal fixation and passive aggressive behavior shows that you are a coward and a victim in waiting.

      • DontdrinkKochTea

        I live in a “stand you ground” State. It does not use the Florida/NRA/ALEC legislation…which is *so bad* in so many ways.

        Our law does protect a person who has *justifiably* “stood their ground” from civil suit by a person, or their family, found in the wrong. It also protects victims who “stood their ground” in a case were the shooters are found *not to have* been protecting themselves in the spirit of the law. It *does not* preclude a thorough preliminary investigation as to what happened. It *does not* send the shooters home with their guns. A preliminary judgement is swift and *not* made by cursorary judgement in the field.

        I do “stand my ground” in support of my State’s law. I *do not* support the Florida’s.

        • Judojoe2007

          Your Right, but it’s all we got!

          • DontdrinkKochTea

            I don’t understand “it’s all we got”. If you have this legislation, get it changed or repealed. My State’s is very simply. You can protect yourself off your property, but there will be an investigation and a judge can’t just through the case out on a whim.

            The police in Sanford have a lot to answer for also. But, when you consider how Joe Horn managed to walk after shooting 2 men in the back when he was in no danger….there’s something *very wrong* with the law and/or system.

          • Judojoe2007

            Why would we want to change the ability to defend ourselves?

          • DontdrinkKochTea

            I didn’t suggest that. There’s a better way than the ALEC/NRA law.

      • Lady

        “Oneofyourexshareholders” has his opinion. And you have one of your own opinion sir. Does not make it right or or wrong. It just is the way one is. As I am now adding to another way of looking at things…For me, my response “looking at Possible death in the face “… I may be thinking “How Evil and twisted are you?” You may kill me and I will be dead, you on the other hand go on hating and that sir is a bitter bitter pill.

  • Bill in Tennessee

    I’ll tell you what, why don’t all of you go piss up a tree, and after you do that, remove my name from your mailing list. I fully support “Stand Your Ground” laws and would shoot any intruder in my home without a moment’s hesitation. I don’t know all the facts around the Zimmerman-Martin case, and neither does anyone on this blog, you’re all just spouting the bits and pieces you’ve heard from other uninformed sources. If you and the other ignorant yahoos like Spike Lee, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Louis Farrakhan want to start a race war (as has been suggested by any number of folks), bring it on.

    • Hsdamski

      I to own guns-for hunting! As a 73 yr old great-grandmother, I think you are the onr who should be looking for a tree

    • Well we do know that Martin was NOT an intruder in anyone’s home.
      I say Martin had the right to defend himself from a stalker who had refuesd to obey the cops. Who was in violation of all neighborhood watch rules. I know that because I am in neighborhood watch and what Zimmerman did was in absolute violation of the ruled. You NEVER confront a suspect. You never chase a suspect and you call the police and follow their directives. It is also strongly discourage that you go armed, in my neighborhood watch group it is forbidden that you go armed.

      I own weapons but I never take them with me when on neighborhod watch.

  • Skalivas

    The killing of Trayvon breaks my heart. We all have to speak up about bad laws, change them and make sure a tragedy like this never happens to any other child.

  • Patricia Neagu

    I think it is time for the good people of America to get to the bottom of the problem. Being a Texan, I see it every day! The right-wing theology being practiced, is encouraging this type of behavior and we need to start investigating the bigot leadership in these so-call holy churches taking our country hostage; and separating families and neighbors. I am 55 and more than ever am so alone and afraid of losing my family for good. I now spend all my holidays alone and cannot remember the last time I saw my grandson, even though we live in the same town. The relationship with my mother and my 34 year old daughter is the worse ever. I was a single mother and worked two jobs, went to school, a hard worker, never been in trouble and because I just want fairness, they feel that …….. well…..I don’t know. What did I do?

    • Judojoe2007

      You did the BEST you could do. You are a good person. Stop beating up on yourself. None of us are perfect, except Republicans.(haha) Reality is what YOU make for yourself. Be selfish, take some time to re-evaluate your expectations of your loved ones. One other thing, life is not fair to anyone. Good luck to you. God loves you, that’s good enough.

  • Algernon9

    Boycotting the products and services of these offending corporations is the short and sweet answer for the people to regain the last word and the ultimate power and say-so in these arguments. The Almighty Dollar is our Mighty Free speech. Witholsing our money from the people whom we don’t like and don’t agree with is our only real hope and path in this environment. Nationally organizized, serious and effective boycotts would be our best weapon in this war for the planet’s heart and soul and conscience.

  • Aneesia

    ALEC is just another ploy for Corporations and the wealthy to take over this formerly great nation.

    • DontdrinkKochTea

      A good article: “Robert Greenwald and his Brave New Foundation debuted their feature-length film “Koch Brothers Exposed”.”

      I think this film should be shown wherever there’s a gathering and a DVD player and TV. The word has not spread nearly enough to the People who must know about these treacherous two. Drag them out from behind their curtains of secrecy.

      A few private citizens should never be allowed to run this Country and they have inched their way in for 50 years, starting with their father…a war criminal, IMO, for selling oil and gasoline to the Nazi’s during WWII. This is how much of their wealth was initially created. This family has American, Canadian and European blood on its hands.

      Do we want to keep *our* Democratic Republic or have it replaced with an oligarchy/plutocrasy?

  • Lmartin

    Why has nobody asked the question…”What role does the NRA have in all of these laws been enacted?” The NRA poses a threat of real significance to the health and welfare of every American. LAM

    • guest

      They are hand and hand with ALEC.

  • Pat

    Earlier this month I read an article that reported police claiming Zimmerman had been used in closing cases. Fla.’s arrogance continues to amaze me. I wonder if their resistance has more to do with cases involving Zimmerman coming under review. And are their other “Zimmermans” to be found.

  • Hopbuc

    Most people here seem to think that guns freedoms are the problem here. A good look through history would open many eyes..Ultimately guns are necessary..What has happened here with this young man seems VERY wrong..but we dont have any facts in..THAT is a HUGE problem here..AND the fact nothing has been done to check the gunman’s stability, sobriety. I love George Carlins take on our society. Keep the “people” fighting amongst themselves while the “elite” run away with more money (insert power).
    ALEC is a Horrific force against the people of the US.. Even England KICKED their local company out for bribing major politicians. But us GREAT BRAGGING Americans who BLINDLY , DESPERATELY join the Patriotic bandwagon, ALLOW The GUTS of our country to be INFECTED. Please see Jack Abramhoff’s 60 minutes video on youtube..He tells you how SICK it is..politicians don’t read the laws they pass…etc.. Complete sell outs…”I’ll get mine and get out” mentality. Well…they are only MEN..and are to be held accountable. MONEY MUST be taken out..Banks must not be allowed to print money (see issue debt and it becomes more money) Lifetime politicians, Corporations as people, money to Lobbyists, Military Complex, No Principled Press in the US, Lazy ass trash constituents dumbed down with trash TV and music. Loss of family values with moral base of citizen base. We don’t seem to see or care what a the rights we allowed to be seized, since the “boogey man” (insert Terrorist’s..very generic term that has a BROAD BRUSH) Is out to get all of us.
    1. NDAA–Thanks Obama, McCain.. Indefinite Detention, Undisclosed Location, NO Attorney, NEVER TO be SPOKEN for that is a VIOLATION of Law– WTF???

    2. MIlitary & NSA- Are saving us all by “monitoring” aka “spying” on US citizens. See the new 2 Billion dollar center in Utah..yup.thats money you were forced to pay to keep you “safety”

    3. US Drones Now Used on US Population Surveillance- Sky net has arrived? These robots can be equipped with anything ..Rife with abuse..Remember…These ARE JUST MEN..and as such very fallible if not outright corruptible.

    4. Fusion Centers- Private companies (usually started by ex-Intelligence employees get Billions to start companies that maintain tracking of everyone in the US…This is VERY problematic. Massive Detention Centers…

    5. Citizens Spying on one another- Hmm getting scary familiar yet?

    6. Self Censorship-People are already afraid to speak of these obvious dangers. How can we not be intimidated ..when even reporters are being addressed as domestic Threats / terrorist?? See Rand Paul interview. Remember, they can now be Secretly-Indefinitely-Jailed..NEVER to be heard from again. Yes it happens anytime these powers are invoked. Yup..while the rest of the world is rising against the repression they’ve endured…We the US..roll over and cry for our government to protect us by giving up all freedoms and blindly trust “MEN”

    I could go on but whats the point.. All this could be nothing…but it SURE has the Potential to be a complete collapse of Freedoms.
    It is men that run our government..and stand between us and the CORPORATIONS. Fallible, corruptible, HUMAN beings
    If we as a collective citizenry cant SEE how far we’ve ALLOWED our country to stray from Liberty, Justice, Freedom, TRUE Capitalistic FREE MARKETS. Then I’m not 100% sure the US …as its Constitutional Framers intended, will survive…But the resolve of a few men with cognitive skills, that can stir what lies deep in the core of Americans; Locked away shaking from Fear Mongering of Media and fundamentally flawed politico, can help stir critical thinking and logic.

    Sorry for the rant folks..but there are very serious problems at our foundation. Guns I’m afraid are the least of them. And while Zimmerman appears to be a nutcase, loose cannon, and the “KID” a 17 year old 6’3″ athletic young man, with angelic pictures on the TV, sure seems to have been killed in a horrendous circumstance, and the police sure seem to failed to do their job. The truth will come out. But lets not blame guns, and throw them out with the bathwater. Sweden has among the lowest crime rates in the world, and every house is required to have automatic weapons. If everyone knows everyone else has a gun, that should eventually restore a code of common descensies, and weed out the bullies and bad guys. The police simply can not be anywhere until after a crime has happened. (and they are not OBLIGATED to save you anyway..its in the legal summaries search it)

    • guest

      Are you for America or another NRA advocate? No one wants the right to own a gun taken away, just the laws about their use need adjusting.

    • Judojoe2007

      I like your blog. It is well thought out and true. One thing, though, what you call bribery in your country we call LOBBYING!!

    • Judojoe2007

      The people who would be watching you would be an outfit called INFRAGUARD. This organization is made up of multiple corporations ranging from AT&T down to your local Chevy dealer or like me, the retired neighbor next door. There is no obligation for the Gov. to publish the roster of members. INFRAGUARD is basically a citizen’s volunteer arm of HOMELAND SECURITY all that is required for an individual to join is to pass a THOROUGH F.B.I. background check. Activity deemed suspicious by a member can be reported to an F.B.I. agent who is in charge of your sector. The agent will then determine if the report needs to be investigated.
      EXAMPLE: I see various different people coming and going at all hours from a house across the street. I smell unfamiliar odors coming from the the house. Something just doesn’t seem right. I report this to my group leader. he goes to his boss and they determine that there has been Meth activity going on in the area. You WILL get investigated, even if you have a large family, keep to yourselves, and just happen to a terrible cook.

  • J une whitham

    I was also very upset to see that a black youth had tried to rob two english tourists in Florida, and he had shot and killed them. They were students from my old University, and had very good jobs to go back to. Their murderer was a complete wastrel, a single woman with four children, and she had just picked him up from jail the day before for shooting a car.

    What is wrong with the education here? How is a 16 year old allowed to go around with a gun?

    The times are very bad for everyone, with so few jobs available, but at least if you are properly educated, you find more to do than have a gun and anger at the same time.

    • And they are going to prison. That is the criminal justice system. Not so upset when the cops refuse to investigate the shooting of a black tyouth ?

  • Adfecteau

    I want to know who the ALEC donators are so I can boycott and set up a boycott for everyone I know

  • Judojoe2007

    the stand your ground law is a good law. just like all laws it has to be adhered to. this rush to judgment. especially by people of positional influence makes me want to puke. every American should have the right to defend themselves from a felony crime up to an including deadly force. George Zimmerman will get his justice and he will wish he had never pulled that gun. but don’t deny me the right to defend myself from anyone attempting to commit bodily harm or death upon me or my protectorates . honest citizens should be aloud to shoot to kill these felons and miscreants who roam or neighborhoods with criminal impunity. these criminals are the scourge of our existence they need to be eradicated. go ahead be a victim, but don’t impose your stupidity and meekness on me.

    • Well Martin had theright to attempt to defend himself against a guy who was stalking him while he was minding his own business. No you do not nor should you have the right to kill people who roam your neighborhood. This is a free country and anyone can walk on the streets and yes even roam neighborhoods. You do not have the right to kill someone because they are walking down the street. You do have the right to defend yourself from a stalker who has been following you as you walk down the sidewalk talking to your girlfriend on the phone. When the stalker gets out of his car and runs after you you have every right to attempt to defend yourself up to and incliuding lethal force if that is what it takes.
      We know Martin didn’t follow Zimmerman back to his car and attack him, because the attack happened nowhere near the car. We know that Zimmerman lied when he said he shot Martin while Martin was on top of him. because there was no blood on him. We know Zimmerman has a record of violence, including attacking apolice officer and being expelled from college for the safety of the other students. Martin had no history of violence. We know voice experts say it was NOT Zimmweman that yelled for help. We don’t yet know what else he lied about.

  • Lizsolo

    Where did America the Beautful go? It doesn’t feel like the United States of America anymore. People have become “numb” to other other’s feelings. What happened to Trayvon is in deed a “Tragedy” that should have been addressed ASAP as the incident happened – what a shame! Until justice prevails, I do believe the vast majority of people who know about this incident will not rest
    until justice has been served. Poor Trayvon was mining his own business that day, and Zimmerman should have followed
    protocol by “not following Trayvon.” I believe had he not followed Trayvon, Trayvon would be alive today. Lets keep up the cry for justice!

  • Giuseppe Gianino

    I’m for the middle class to continue to go back to what it was before the Bush administration started to dismantling it with its rich friends. We can’t continue to go on with citizens’ rights being eroded & violated. The general population needs to be made more aware of what the Republicans are trying to do. Special interest groups don’t care about the common people & continue to work on supporting the trade imbalance with the Chinese who are destroying the American economy & eliminating American manufacturing jobs. Let’s put a stop to this nonsense.

    • Judojoe2007

      Democrats are GOOD Republicans are EVIL. It’s that simple.

  • Xavier

    I do not think it’s arduous to see that the man with the gun should be in jail and not on the streets

    • Judojoe2007

      Yes, actually obtaining knowledge about about Florida’s self defense law and being able to contemplate and critically look at the situation would probably be TOO ARDUOUS for someone like you. For you, it’s easier to assume than to investigate. In the American system of justice we have a entity called the GRAND JURY, let them do their job, then we’ll see what happens to George Zimmerman.

      • The main problem has been that the police chose not to investigate this till it became a national issue. They didn’t even speak to witnesses and closed the case. This case would not have been reopened except of the public outcry
        You might be interested in the Florida self defense law, under it Martin had every right to defend himself against a guy who stalked him, got out of his vehicle and chased him down as he was walking along the sidewalk talking to his girlfriend. Martin had no obligation to grovel to some strange who approached him. I don’t talk to strangers I meet on the street and I sure don’t identify myself to them. If they think I have comitted a crime they can call the cops. I have no obligation to allow myself to be attacked by some idiot running down the sidewalk.
        I am always amazed by people who think that anyone they meet on the street has the right to interrogate them.
        Zimmerman was also not only not following the police directives but he was not following the rules for Neighborhood watch. If Zimmerman had done as directed there would have been no problem.

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  • Androcles1953

    Predatory animals like Zimmerman should be off the street. When we become a country where Jeb Bush and his criminal family leglize “Judge Dredd” tactics for anyone; allowing me or any individual to become ‘Judge, Jury and Executioner,’ then your ready to join the Supreme Court. Zimmerman would be aquitted by Alioto, Roberts, all of them instantly as ‘doing the right thing.’

    • Judojoe2007

      So, you don’t believe in protecting yourself or your loved ones. You, sir, are a victim in waiting. People like you live in a self absorbed world where nothing ever goes wrong, you and your ilk pull your head out of the sand only long enough to make a snap judgment then it’s back to lala land. I hope the day never comes when you are on the ground being pounded to death and thinking to yourself “I WISH I HAD A GUN”.

      • So only Zimmerman had the right to protect himself? Martin didn’t have the right to protect himself against a stalker who was stalking him armed for no reason. Zimmerman was hardly being pounded to death or anything close. No bruises, no bleeding no medical care. To be honest there is no reason to think he was hit at all. His supposed wound? The silly idiot could have fallen. Witnesses who saw him withing seconds of the shooting say he was uninjured and clean. no bleeding no staggering. On the other had the guy who appears to have done nothing wrong is dead. I say anyone who stalks children armed or unarmed is a creep against which the kid has the right to defend themself. If my 16 year old daughter of 15 year old son is being followed by some creep who then gets out of the car and attacks them I want them to fight back and fight back hard. You may be happy with your kid cozying up to some stalker who wants to strike up a conversation after stalking them but I am not.

        • Judojoe2007

          Lady. You are whacked out. What you just wrote is exactly the example of knee jerk ignorance I would expect to hear from someone who is a sorely misinformed victim in waiting. Stick your head back in the sand and wait for the Grand Jury’s decision. That is, if you know what a Grand Jury is.

          • chagrined

            Zimmerman, the son of an immigrant mother, took his gun and went hunting and brutally murdered his prey, Trayvon Martin, who had gone to a convenience store to buy an ice tea and candy.
            Hispanics in Florida seem to believe they have a right to stalk African Americans. HIspanics came to America to enjoy the Democracy and freedoms for which African Americans fought, sacrificed and died. If they cannot respect our most patriotic citizens, they should return to the country from which they or their parents emigrated. Bon Voyage!

          • My, my. If you don’t have a solid point, stoop to insults – the repub/tparty way. They’re so accomplished at this tactic most people don’t feel the push to the wall. Sorry, Joe, you’re all wet on this. The sad part is, you know it. It’s the repub/tparty that has their head in the sand, and you know what you get then. We’re not out to take anyone’s guns away, but even so, who needs an AK47 and 30 loads and reloads. A target practicing and hunting are understandable – heck, there are people that aim balls at each other. The problem comes in when laws are made that rely solely on protecting a shooter, especially a white shooter. That’s called blatant injustice to the max. The right-wingers want armed haters to promote their takeover. Don’t kid yourself. Look at the past 30 years – there’s no denying it. What is sensible is to stay out of harm’s way – protect yourself and yours, taking a life is the very last resort. BTW, doesn’t it stike you as hypocritical that the repub/tparty is so very much against pro-choice and yet they’re for the death penalty and more access to guns?

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  • Bill

    After hearing about AlEC’s and who they are supporting and who is sepporting them, I will do anything to stop this. We must do something about this or we will all end up surving the King’s of the GOP. <>

  • Bass342

    After Hearing about ALEC’s and who they are, and the people behind them, we all must stop this. In my 70 years of life and 16 years of Military and being wonded in viet nam twice, I’ll be Dam if we will let these people get away with the thing they are doing. It’s time we all got togeather and said enough is enough. God Help Us in November,, and we will take our country back from this White Trash in Washington. Get Out and VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Tr_whitney

    Who are the 20 corporations? I would like to know so that I can organize local boycotts.

  • Pingback: More proof activism works: Kraft, Coca-Cola and Pepsi all say they will leave ALEC |

  • Pingback: More proof activism works: Kraft, Coca-Cola and Pepsi all say they will leave ALEC » The Original N-D-N's Blog()

  • geewilly

    Thank you for getting this organized and sent in. ALEC has been very detrimental to this country yet so few people even know of its existence or power. Very supportive of Romney… watch out America… we deserve better!

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  • Christine Gallo

    I am wondering to what extent Monsanto is involved in all this? Are they members of ALEC, or are they so strong, like the KOCH brothers, that they operate independently of that organization?

  • chuck tillinghast

    exposure to light is the best cleanser of all.

  • james

    the stand your ground legislation is just the tip of the iceberg with ALEC. they are insidious and rotten to the core. their corrupting practices with state legislatures and with congress need to be outlawed, somehow, and vigilantly prosecuted – both in the courts and the court of public opinion

  • Jtpt12

    Why is your interest contrary to mine? I have been your customer until now. Quit ALEC and I wil continue

  • I insure with State Farm and expect State Farm to support the US and get out of Alec

  • john allen

    It’s interesting to note how the ranks of the NRA seemed to swell at the same time the KKK was declared a terrorist group and an illegal organization. look it up.
    I’m a 70 yr. old, white, registered independent.
    The extreme right wing in this country has exploded in an attempt to codify the 1% as ‘masters’ of all they “own” (us) and to keep us in our place. Does your state legislature truly represent your views? If not, why not? Your state senator or house member? We need to remember we ‘hired’ them and like MItt, we can enjoy firing them!
    The X-Right was shocked to wake up and find out the President of the United States is a N.. (the n word) and will do ANYTHING to change that!!

  • ALEC has been around for 30 years, about the same time that the U.S. was beginning to get the sting against workers. Reagan got away with destroying the ariline controllers during their strike and not much was heard from us. That showed ALEC that we’re a bunch of do-nothings, so they continued on their merry way until now we have a class war, war on women, war against teachers, and summing it up, a war on our democratic principles, against our Pledge of Allegiance. Which reminds me, at one of the repub/tparty rallies, I suggested we start with the Pledge and was totally shouted down. They want no reminder of who and what WE are. This roster of repub/tparty candidates they put up, it’s more of a joke on us. The repub/tparty, with ALEC and their $ and the helm, takes us for fools. What worries me in the main is that the repub/tparty has the coming elections fixed, not only with their redistricting and voter ID, but election fraud, as they did in OH. Be ever watchful. Say, whatever happened to O’Keefe and his band of marauders with the voter fraud they perpetrated? That should have been jail time for the bunch of them.

  • Lionforlife

    Did you hear Ted Nugents insane rant in front of a NRA audience. We can not stand for this! Get rid of all Repblicans who support this type of attack, and they must all support it, since they will not condemn such a crazy rant. I need to know which companies support ALEC so that I can petition them and prepare to stop using their products.

  • Gbowman

    As a retired employee of AT&T I am disgusted by AT&T’s participation. State Farm also needs to be held accountable also. I will also rethink my use of these companies in the future.

  • maryann esposito

    Thank you.I am so tired of these rich bad boys getting away with murder. They are drunk with power its sad to know that people that have become prosperous because they live in this wonderful country are so willing to destroy it .Greedy,, greedy, power crazed group should be swept right out on their you know whats.ALEC must go. Walmart get real you have us you dont need them. Us can shop elsewhere. Everthing we have worked so hard to achieve voting womens rights etc, are being trampled on,. So much time in the media is wasted on trivia I heard mention of the bridge in Calif. contracted out to China. Why wasnt a big deal made out of this? So many people unemployed, and China gets the beef. So much time wasted on the pizza man and the likes.Im so disgusted not a brain by any stretch but let common sense prevail

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  • Tweakit52

    I believe that laws like ‘Stand your ground’ have been put in place because the rich know that the crimes that come along with these ‘Do Not’effect the rich as they do the poor.I believe they feel like “Hell, let them kill one another off the we won’t have to spend TAX Money paying to keep them in prison.Futhermore it also covers laying off police,why do we need police when all the ‘well to do’ can carry a gun and just say ‘you know,I just saw a guy that looked just like him on the news and he robbed someone’.Just seeing him scared me so bad “I had to shot him” You know how ‘they’ are,these ‘Punks’ always get away with it !!! People,Americans PLEASE don’t let them get away with this, it’s called ‘Divide and Conquar’ that is how they keep us fighting among ourselfs while they Rob us blind.Ask yourself why don’t they want to pay their fair share of taxes, after all we,the poor are fighting the wars just to ‘TRY’to get an education,another program they nolonger want to help fund.Ask yourself, could any of this have to do with the fact that they can afford to educate their children and no longer give a s**t if your child gets one or not. I believe this is alot of the down fall of America. GREED and it must be stopped while we still have a country.What makes America the Greatest country in the world is it’s middle class,NOT THE RICH. While we care about our brothers,all the care about is their Dollars. THINK about your children and grandchildren,Don’t let them kill another child (no matter the color) or steal another future..Remember the 99% isn’t America worth that? Bless You and GOD BLESS the USA.

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  • Elena Hall

    I believe that ALEC is the same group that conspired to promote midwest state governors and legislatures to attack and destroy collective bargaining rights of teachers, police and fire fighters to weaken union effectiveness

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