May 28, 2012

On Twitter, Koch Group Offers Illinois Residents Free Food, Trips To Wisconsin To Support Governor Scott Walker

David Koch, co-owner of the Koch Industries petrochemical, manufacturing and commodity speculation fortune, hasn’t been shy about supporting Governor Scott Walker (R-WI), whose controversial union-busting agenda has forced a recall election this summer. Earlier this year, Koch told the Palm Beach Post: “We’re helping him, as we should. We’ve gotten pretty good at this over the years. We’ve spent a lot of money in Wisconsin. We’re going to spend more.”

Indeed, Koch has spent millions through the Republic Governors Association, through a network of attack-ad airing front groups, and financed a set of local Wisconsin think tanks to show support for Walker.

Now, it appears, Koch is spending money even in Illinois to help save Walker. Americans for Prosperity, a group founded by the Koch brothers, is advertising bus trips with free food for Illinois residents who commit to traveling to Wisconsin to help Walker:

The buses leave from Chicago, Homer Glen, and Palatine on June 2nd — just days before the Wisconsin recall election.

As Koch mentioned, his political machine has “gotten pretty good at this over the years.” Here’s a video I shot of Koch providing dozens of free buses for anti-health reform protesters back in 2009:

A similar strategy played out back in 1993. As ThinkProgress reported:

Koch’s AFP has a long history of marshaling “grassroots” support for GOP objectives. In the early 1990s, AFP, then known as Citizens for a Sound Economy, worked secretly with then-Rep. Newt Gingrich (R-GA) to organize angry crowds following the Clintons as they touted their health reform bill. Industry money from health insurance, telecommunications, oil, and other companies has flowed freely to AFP over the years to help AFP promote an agenda of boosting the rich, stripping consumer safeguards, and maintaining corporate monopolies.

  • I’m pretty sure Koch should go fuck himself

    • Bsherny

      Too good for him.

    • guest

      Eventually he will.

  • Beverly Smith

    They should be labeled “The Blatent Kochs”….. No shame whatsoever about actually busing people from other states in order to influence a voting in another state!!! As if cheating were learned in church????

    • Yourbestfriend

      You do realize that the unions were bussing people in from out of state to protest against walker as well, don’t you? Kind of like the pot calling the kettle black, just saying.

      • Al

        Do a fact check on that one. We have enough of our own people than to PAY OTHERS TO COME INTO WISCONSIN!

      • I don’t have a problem with the Koch’s sending people to Wisconsin but I do have a problem with the Walker supporters complaining that people from out of state ,who were a clear minority, showed up for the union rallies. Don’t be hypocrites right winger’s. Just because your personal Jesus Walker says that the majority were from out of state doesn’t make it so.

      • Scott W.

        You been smokin some of that Koch Krack!

  • Mark Stephenson

    I live in Illinois. I would love to take a trip up to Wisconsin claiming that I support the Koch sukker Scott Walker. And as soon as they served the free food, I would nonchalantly stand up, unzip my fly and piss on it … but only after placing a picture of the bastard in the potato salad. When the fuck are we to put these motherfuckers in their place?

    • Gman Templar

      That could cost you dearly.

    • RogerWilco

      Actually, it would be great for you to join them. Except, keep your pants zipped. I fear they will try to have the people VOTE. That would be felony voter fraud, but it would be hard to discover if we don’t have someone on the inside documenting what is happening.

  • Bsherny

    Boy oh boy, how do you fight that? I’ve sent money 3 times (from New York and overseas) just to let the fighters on the ground know I care, but who’s kidding who? Did we lose our democracy when the Supreme Court went over to the right wing and we’re just noticing it now? What a great experiment this democracy was. The first like it in history. But the wealthiest have never stopped working to take it away. They destroyed the economy in 1929 and somehow FDR came along, saved capitalism as well as the U.S. and it’s taken them 75 years to undo everything he did to make the rest of us safe. I think Obama’s done his best, pretty amazing that he could do anything at all with the whole Rep party turning renegade, but he can’t make another New Deal happen. If Koch buys Wisconsin for this crook governor — after everything those fantastic, courageous people have done in Wisconsin to fight back — what happens next? Those rich boys have gotten way too fat to leave room for anyone else. Do the bad guys win?

    • Trenna_grose

      Thank you from a Wisconsin resident 7 more days…

    • Well I am sure SOMEONE KNOWS what to do about the Kochs IF THEY GET THE CHANCE. The really are the most hated men in America.

    • Mlkirby_69

      wait the left have been paying and busing in votes for along time this looks like 2 me that they are giving free food 2 help with the campaigning ,,and they people who are bused in cant vote so you and your liberal talk is nonsense first of all scott walker never should have been recalled there was some fissy things going on there ,,he did what he said he would do and now the state has money the unions think they own us all they do not

      • Agnus

        “the left have been paying and busing in votes for along time ”

        Is this the best anal reference that you can retrieve from your nether regions?…….pathetic…..really.

      • Mlkirby_69, do you have a valid source you could cite for the claims you make? (and, no, I do not consider FOX news as a valid source).

        • Frances in California

          Henry! Of course kirby’s source is ALEC!!!!!!

        • sfsgm

          Neither is CNN, the media that allowed Saddam Hussein to clear all news transmission before they left Iraq.

          Or CBS, the media that rigged Chevrolet trucks to explode to illustrate how they weren’t safe in collisions.

          Give me a break, none of the major news sources are without bias. Why single out Fox?

      • CatKinNY

        Based on what you wrote, reading must be very difficult for you. It’s painfully obvious that you virtually never do any reading, or you’d possess at least a rudimentary understanding of syntax, spelling and punctuation. Fortunately for you, functional illiteracy is one of the few acceptable excuses for such ignorance.

      • The unions might not own you but your a KOCH Bitch. Bend over MLKirby. The are coming to stick it to you even more. You deserve whatever your Bitch ass self gets.

    • Jleggs

      Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire from Las Vegas who gave Newt 16 million for his primary campaign commented in Forbes magazine “as long as very wealth people can buy elections I’m going to” Very, very scary diaglogue to hear in a DEMOCRATIC form of government!

  • Anne C. McAfee

    Apparently, Brian G and Mark Stephenson don’t understand how much they hurt the cause of the Recall Campaign by the language they use. I’ve seen this kind of language before, and it makes me wonder if the opponents are trying to make us look bad.

    Are these people just sounding off? Or have they sent money to Wisconsin United’s Recall Campaign?

  • HGrayDavis

    House Speaker John Boehner is already threatening to hold the U.S. economy hostage again. In a recent speech, Boehner stated: “We shouldn’t dread the debt limit. We should welcome it. It’s an action-forcing event in a town that has become infamous for inaction. I put forth the principle that we should not raise the debt ceiling without real spending cuts and reforms that exceed the amount of the debt limit increase … When the time comes, I will again insist on my simple principle of cuts and reforms greater than the debt limit increase. This is the only avenue I see right now to force the elected leadership of this country to solve our structural fiscal imbalance.”

    Boehner is wrong when he says the only way to address spending and the deficit is threaten the U.S. economy with a double dip recession. If the GOP genuinely believes that spending and the deficit are a serious problem (they don’t), they should use the normal legislative process to advance their deficit and spending cut goals. They could hold a series of hearings in the relevant House committees and call economic experts to testify about what they believe to be the best way to reduce spending and the deficit. After those hearings, they could vote the legislation out of committee for a debate on the House floor. Let the American people listen to the debate and make an informed decision about our fiscal future.

    However, the Republicans would prefer the reckless and irresponsible path of threatening to default on our obligations.

    • Flybum

      Suggest that you read “End the Depression Now!”
      You cannot get out of this depression by cutting spending. You have to prime the pump. Anyone advocating cuts at this point would be the same as the farmer who didn’t want to waste what little water he had to prime the pump. The economy needs a prime, much more tthan what Obama has done so far. Once the economy comes back to life, then start cuts but only in areas that make sense. Cutting teachers and law enforcement and funds for public education are things that do not make any sense.

    • RogerWilco

      OK – fine Mr. Boner, but the cuts are ALL coming out of the military budget, and the war in Afganistan is over immediately.

  • Check out Charles Koch’s hometown newspaper, the Wichita Eagle. ( It’s dominated by AFP flunkies and dedicated Kochheads. Feel free to share your thoughts. You’ll get a good laugh.

  • Padreis

    The only good thing about the koch brothers is that they are old and things might change when we have some expensive funerals in this country.

    • Let’s just hope the next Generation of Kochs are not like these freaks. Usually the, kids turn out much worse than the parents. I don’t know if they have kids (God help us if they do) but they usually are worse than their parents or if by some grace of God they turn out just the opposite but don’t hold your breath on that one. They might give it all to the GOP if they don’t have any kids or relatives.

      • artisanr

        I have never heard of either one of them having kids. Good, I hope when they kick (may it be soon!) their genes go right along with em. Maybe we can build a pyramid for them so they can take their billions with them.

        • Actually there are the 2 Bad-Horrendously evil Koch Bros. and the other 2 bros you don’t here of which are 180 degrees opposite them and one is an Environmentalist/activist and the other a philanthropist for the good of society..

        • Sadly, there are children, yes. I know David Koch has two young children, like 12 and under. The other guy has some adult kids but I don’t know what they’re involved in.

      • CatKinNY

        Unfortunately, Charles and David are the sons of one of the founders of the John Birch Society, so the paranoia and greed are intergenerational in this family.

  • Padreis

    Has anyone noticed that Walker’s eyes look dead, no light in them?

    • Kathy

      Sociopathic eyes.

      • Al

        Worse thing is that his eyes were blue and now they are Brown. He must be full!

    • That’s because he has no soul.

    • Very similar to Mitt Romney’s eyes.

    • polgara

      Have you noticed Walkers eyes are uneven? One higher than the other. Has nothing to do with him looking like a snake though I guess.. I always thought baby Bush looked like a lizard. My late husband was a state union steward. When a nurse asked him 3 questions to test his orientation, back in 02, the 3rd question was “do you know who is the president”? He had to think for a minute and responded “the 2nd bag of s&%t from Texas”. The nurse looked startled for a minute and then said “I’ll take that as oriented”. In some ways, though I miss him terribly, I am relieved he has not seen WI go down the tubes.

    • guest

      There is no light in him.

    • CatKinNY

      Mostly what I notice is that they’re crossed. When I look at Walker, I see him for what he is: a junior college drop out who’s a good enough salesman to have made a living selling extended warranties at Best Buy. Talk about being plucked from obscurity! If he loses this election, will the billionaires have any further use for him, or will some lucky Badger get to be the first to post his photo on the internet in his new job – as the assistant manager at the Wasau Taco Bell?

      • Email4Regcc

        Marquette is not a junior college! Just sayin’

  • Realist

    What a piss-poor excuse for a “media” outlet…

  • About this Tax-exempt status for these groups…………of course this is NOT political campaigning or pushing an agenda or anything like that………………..MUCH!

  • Jconrad_54

    This is truly odd, Walker keeps talking about those being brought in from out of state to help in the recall if I remember his words correctly. Koch brothers feeding people with free food for committing to come to Wisconsin. But is that food while they are on the bus ore is that food such as what they would get at the food pantry. Well, it would be interesting to sit in on one of these times when they are preparing to be sure there is nothing illegal going on.

  • Thomas_hubert

    be afraid wisconsin, be very afraid

    • Don’t just be afraid. Fear is healthy if it doesn’t paralyze you. I would say hang on to that fear and FIGHT BACK!!

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  • GPFandango

    All this money and all these ads and now all these astro-turfed supporters don’t mean anything, His poll numbers do not improve. They are paying people up to $100 to put signs up on their property. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t stop working. Keep your eyes on the prize. We WILL prevail.

    • Samnrick

      $500 is what we are hearing. They are going up on vacant lots and farm fields. If you have 25 million to spend in 20 days why not buy some votes? If someone give you $500 to put up sign would you vote for them? Many will.

      • CatKinNY

        Or, you could take the $500, knock the sign down as soon as they left and vote for Barrett!

  • When I think about people like David and Charles Koch, I wish I believed in hell.

    • guest

      There is a real Hell dude and they’re part of it.

  • Makes me want to vomit to think people will sell their souls for a few donuts and a bus trip. Maybe majorities like this don’t deserve good gov.

  • I think I’ll go and get some free food and drink and then when everyone is there take out my “F**k Koch and Walker” signs and see what transpires.

  • Mjs777

    Lets cut to the chase. It’s time for a second civil war. The 1% wants to restore slavery for the 99%.

    • Tallen

      “restore”? Where you been?

  • Lonniep1

    You know, I think both sides have run amuck, Why are any of you spending any time or money trying to show what you like or think is right. Just go and vote. Don’t send money to anybody. Just send your vote. I think any organization that gathers money and spends your hard earned money is a waste of money. You people, including my people, are stupid to be following what either party says. I see idiots, and graft, and personal interest in all sides. We need people to vote that are informed, and not led.
    I was in a union, and they are led by greedy people, I have been a boss, and know profit motives are important, and without people willing to work for you, you don’t earn too much, so you need to keep them happy. I also know owners of small businesses put in far more time than the workers, so they deserve more income.
    Our problem is gov. entitlements, trying to help the poor get richer, which doesn’t work. Get a clue people, the government can’t be all things to all people. My problem is the constantly changing rules. You try to plan a life and living, and the gov. keeps changing the rules, taking from those who have and giving to their friends…Lonnie P.

    • Are you kidding yourself? Government entitlements to the poor have never made them rich. What it has done is to provide an opportunity for the motivated individual to extract his or her self out of poverty. Those who are not motivated are left to be content with a crap existence in projects created to concentrate and isolate their ilk. Do they receive a middle-class income? Heck no way! The only group getting rich from government entitlements (subsidies) are the already rich running corporations that pay themselves the big bucks (especially in the form of stocks that pay the lower capital gains tax rate on profit income). Any corporation that receives subsidies and pays no tax is the real exploiter of system.

      No, government can’t be all things to to all people, but it needs to do a lot for the majority. By catering to the desires of few rich–like the Koch Bros–then the playing field becomes tilted against the rest of us. And, by what I mean by “the rest of us,” I’m talking about your average working stiff (blue and white collar) earning less and less for the same work their parents and grandparents did, small business owners struggling under multiple layers of taxes while trying to raise their business into profitability, retired people getting their savings wiped-out by healthcare costs, and students trying to get a solid education from schools laboring under systematic defunding.

      Until our Nation’s course is corrected to favor the majority, our collective condition will spiral downwards to resemble–if not become outright–to that of a slave state.

    • guest

      The govt. needs some changes, true. The other side wants to privatize everything, the post office, education, prisons, even our military. Unfortunately not every person is like you, with some scruples. Business running our govt. would be a disaster. They would do away with all workers rights, regulations, etc. They will pollute your air, water, food and then deny you healthcare. Good way to rake in billions and kill off alot of people. His eye is on the sparrow, lest they forget.

  • Look, the Kochs may be providing the buses, but nobody is forcing these people to get on these buses and support these Koch causes. It is more than a free bus ride and donuts; the people who are getting on these buses really feel that they are part of something important. I don’t know how we reach people… How do we get them to see that the Kochs are not on “their side”? That there is nothing good about these people and their goals for this country?

    • guest

      It seems a daunting task, I pray for a miracle, These people are clearly idolators.

  • Marthadavidson1

    Take them up on their offer then support Mayor Tom Barrett when you get there!

    • If we fill up the buses with Barrett supporters, there’s no room for the Walkerites. Just sayin’. Plus, free food!

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  • guest


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  • Bsouthbjlinks

    Here’s how to fight this bus tour…..pelt the buses with eggs, lots and lots of eggs. If the eggs are rotten so much the better. Show the out of state money bags that you want your democracy back and do not want their brand of America in your State politics. A few thousand eggs per day pelted at buses as they role by and pretend that they were not staged to gain support for Walker (because if they were touting Walker then he would have to declare them as an election expense) is very inexpensive compared to the MILLIONS being spent by outside sources on attack ads used by the Walker team. Make use of those rotten eggs and video the outcomes. See who can hit the bus windshield dead centre. Video tape the events of the rotten egg tosses and share them with your friends. Post them on-line. Maybe a few hundred eggs tossed into their oratory bus stops would also make good copy. It would be fine to see Walker and his minions with egg all over their faces as they make their way through the state and ply their corrupt version of democracy!

  • S Rosser

    Keep the faith Wisconsin…..this is the battle royal that will tell one & all: Do we have the courage of our conviction? Do we believe in Democracy? Will we fight for our rights given to us by the Constitution & Bill of Rights? God bless you all, Thank you Bill Clinton, Thank you Wisconsin for your bravery. We are praying for you, giving when we can, reading everything we can to stay informed even though a lot of us don’t live in Wisconsin we support you. Your fight is America’s fight.

  • sfsgm

    Of course George Soros and have never and would never do anything similar.

  • WeThePeopleUSA

    Let’s cut to the cheese! If you support Governor Walker, Lt. Gov. Kleefisch and the 4 Republican State Senators…do not forego your duty to vote today. Polls close at 8pm. Let’s send a strong message to the Democrats and CRUSH their feeble minded stunts.

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  • Personally, it wouldn’t matter one iota to me HOW much the Kochs spent to try and get something passed; if I knew they were supporting it, for sure I’d vote against it!!!

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